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14 July 2017

East Midlands Councils Annual Report 2016-17

Today (Friday 14 July) East Midlands Councils (EMC) presented our Annual Report for 2016/17 to the Annual General Meeting. 

EMC Annual Report 2016-17  

This Annual Report is part of how EMC accounts to its membership. 12 months ago, Members agreed a set of priorities for EMC to make progress on. 

12 months on - EMC is now reporting back to members on how it has delivered against these commitments. This Annual Report covers the services provided by EMC, including lobbying for greater investment and infrastructure funds, providing focused member and officer development programmes and our role as the Regional Employers’ Organisation; as well as taking forward the increasingly important refugee and asylum resettlement work. 

The 4 pillar approach continues to provide the framework for EMC’s work with our focus on being an all-member organisation, policy Policy briefdevelopment, collective work and lobbying, and improving communications. We have made significant progress in a number of areas; in other areas there is still work to be done and we need to continue to respond to the national political context, evolving government policy and the uncertainty of Brexit.



Councillor and Officer Development Training and development

As an ‘all-member organisation’; we routinely offered all councillors and officers in the region opportunities to attend our briefing, skills development and training events with 1,942 councillors and officer places taken throughout the year (5% increase on 2015/16). 


Support to our Member CouncilsSavings delivered

We have continued to offer advice, access to low cost services and capacity support to our member councils - and all councils in membership accessed at least one of these discounted services during 2016/17 with EMC increasing the level of savings it has delivered on behalf of its member councils estimated to be £858,000 – a return of over 3:1 against total member subscriptions.

Midlands Engine

EMC has supported the establishment of the Midlands Engine and its developing programme of work. These proposals have the backing of Government and secured over £4m of support funding as part of Budget 2016 announcement. 

Midlands ConnectMidlands Connect money

We continue to drive forward the Midlands Connect partnership, having secured £22m of Government funding and agreed a Midlands Connect Strategy, published in March 2017 – a major technical and political achievement.


We continue to provide the leadership on Hs2, having brokered consensus on the hub station location at Toton and agreed the emerging growth strategy in September 2016 which has been well received by both Government and local partners. Since then, we have been working to develop the economic offer at the hub station, Chesterfield and Staveley and define the key infrastructure necessary to release growth. A final growth strategy will soon be submitted.


Syrian refugeesAsylum and Refugee Resettlement

We effectively led on asylum and refugee resettlement work – enabling support for this vulnerable group of people while working with Government in order to put in place more resources that are needed at the local level.

HR Services 

HR assignmentsWe provided direct organisational support and HR services on 43 different assignments to councils in the region.

Employment Related Requests

We provided advice to councils on 144 employment related requests. 

We successfully held the first East Midlands Local Authority Challenge initiative - a great example of where we have put in locally-centred support to develop and train the aspiring local authority managers of tomorrow.Coaching network

And on finances, EMC has secured new sources of external grant and consultancy funding, and further reduced expenditure – enabling our business plan to be delivered with a budget surplus.


It has been a challenging year, but one where we delivered on our commitments to our membership. Importantly, we would like to thank all councillors, partners and staff for their support; our achievements over the past 12 months are testament to their efforts and we look forward to continuing to work with colleagues across the East Midlands during 2017/18EMC service offers


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