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EMC Councillor Development Newsletter - September 2014 Edition

28 August 2014


EMC is offering an autumn jam packed with opportunities for Councillors, from the future of rail and local government to Flooding.  This Councillor Development Newsletter provides an overview of the opportunities available to Councillors in the East Midlands provided by East Midlands Councils.    This edition focuses on the opportunities available in September 2014!

Equality and Diversity: Making it Work, 11 September

East Midlands Councils is holding a one day programme on equality and diversity in partnership with the National Holocaust Centre. 

An interactive and highly thought provoking opportunity to understand the experience and needs of different people in the community, to help you make informed decisions when designing products or access services that many of us just take for granted.  By increasing your understanding and hearing directly from individuals in the community, it will help to enable the services you provide to recognise and respond sensitively to the individual needs, background and circumstances of people’s lives.

Venue - The National Holocaust Centre and Museum, Acre Edge Road, Laxton, Newark, Nottinghamshire , NG22 0PA-*

Timings – 10:00 – 16:30

Costs - £175 for EMC Member authorities

Wet, Wet, Wet – Building Local Resilience in a Changing Flood Risk Context, 24 September

The event will focus on the increasing problem of flooding and extreme weather and the pressing need to build local resilience alongside the council roles and responsibilities under the relevant legislation.

The event will include a presentation from Alex Beresford, TV weatherman and presenter of ‘The UK’s most extreme weather’ series on Channel 4.  Alex’s presentation will explore the changing nature of flood risk in the future and highlight recent examples of major flooding incidents.

Venue – Melton Borough Council, Parkside, Melton Mowbray, Leics, LE13 1GH

Timings - 10:00 – 13:15

Costs - Free for members of the Regional Programme of Briefing events.

Successful Councillor Development Workshop, 30 September

No matter which local authority you speak to (that has achieved the charter), strong and clear connections are made between the support and investment the authority has made

in councillor learning and development and the delivery of better services for residents.

By coming to our informal workshop you will discover:

  • Why the charter is integral to successful councillor development (and the achievement of strategic priorities and better services for residents)
  • What is required to achieve the charter given the newly focused Charter Gudielines
  • Practical tips for starting (or continuing) on your charter journey from experienced charter authorities

Venue - EMC Office, Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leics,

LE13 0PB

Timings – 10:00 – 12:00

Costs - The cost of attending each session is FREE to EMC subscribing authorities

What’s coming up in 2014! 

East Midlands Scrutiny Network, 12 Sept 2014

Convincing Communication Skills, 01 Oct 2014

Where are we now?  What the changes in Welfare Reform, Planning and Housing mean for local government, 8 Oct 2014

East Midlands Rail Summit, 10 Oct 2014

Successful Councillor Development Workshop, 14 Oct 2014

The Councillor and Officer Relationship, 16 Oct 2014

Employment Matters - local authorities driving jobs and skills, 04 Nov 2014

Decision Making and Effective Problem Solving, 14 Nov 2014

The Future of Local Government in the next Parliament, 21 Nov 2014

An Introduction to Local Government Finance, 03 Dec 2014

Events held so far in 2014…

  • The impact of migration in the East Midlands, 17 June 2014
  • Being an effective Councillor, 19 June 2014

 Extremely thought provoking and raised my awareness greatly…key to being a community leader”.


For more details about any of these events visit

For Events contact Lisa Bushell, 01664 502 620