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14 September 2016

HS2: Taking the Fast Track to Growth

New research to be published shortly suggests that HS2 could create an additional 74,000 jobs in the East Midlands and give a £4 billion boost to our economy – if the Government’s proposals for HS2 are fully implemented.    

The research is a key piece of evidence that will support an ‘East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy’, which will be submitted to Government at the end of September by council leaders and business representatives working through the East Midlands HS2 Strategic Board.  

The Growth Strategy will set out initial proposals for how the East Midlands can maximise the economic benefits of HS2 for local people – including new jobs and training opportunities in locations across the region.

In 2013 the Government published proposals to build a Hub Station at Toton near Nottingham which would be served by both HS2 and ‘classic’ trains, and a Maintenance Depot at Staveley near Chesterfield. Earlier this year, HS2 Ltd proposed changes to the route which would also enable high speed trains to serve Chesterfield Station.

The proposals for the East Midlands form part of the ‘Eastern Leg’ of HS2, which will also link Birmingham, Sheffield and Leeds with London and Scotland – serving 15 million people including six of the UKs top ten cities and an economy worth over £320 billion.

The Government is expected to make a formal Route Announcement on the Eastern Leg of HS2, including proposals for the East Midlands, in November of this year.

Cllr Jon Collins, Chair of the East Midlands HS2 Strategic Board and Leader of Nottingham City Council said:

“HS2 will transform connectivity between our local economies and those of the West Midlands, the North of England and Scotland – as well as London and the South East. It will open up new opportunities for jobs and growth, including in our world class rail engineering sector and for firms working in the construction industry. The Government must press ahead with the Route Announcement as planned so we can start to make our plans a reality”

 Cllr Anne Western, Vice Chair of the East Midlands HS2 Strategic Board and Leader of Derbyshire County Council said: 

“The recent proposals for serving Chesterfield Station with high speed trains is a game-changer for the Derbyshire economy. As a result journey times to London will be halved to 71 minutes, supporting growth and investment in the town and boosting our vibrant visitor economy. Together with the maintenance depot of Staveley, HS2 will significantly improve job opportunities for local people.

Further information on HS2 is available from EMC’s Director of Policy & Infrastructure

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Notes to Editors

East Midlands Councils is the consultative forum for local authorities in the region. It provides support to Councils to improve their services and is a strong voice for the East Midlands.

EMC also provides the secretariat for the East Midlands HS2 Strategic Board.


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