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Midlands Connect welcomes proposals for sub-national transport bodies

15 October 2015

Midlands Connect, the partnership championing better road and rail links across the Midlands, today (October 15) welcomed new proposed legislation that could see it given formal powers over strategic transport schemes and investment.

The Government announced that as part of its devolution agenda it would enable Sub-national Transport Bodies (STBs) to be set up in those areas of England that want them.

Midlands Connect was recently given £5 million by the Government to develop a transport strategy/vision to help build a ‘Midlands Engine for growth’.

Midlands Connect said today’s announcement paved the way for the existing collaboration of Midland business and political leaders to move to a formal, statutory status.

Cllr Jon Collins, co-chair of the Midlands Connect Partnership and leader of Nottingham City Council, said: “We welcome this announcement and we will now sit down together and with Government to explore the options.”

“Our existing partnership arrangements have already proved successful in raising the profile of the Midlands with Government. Moving to a more formal arrangement may help us speak with one voice on transport and open up some good opportunities in terms of having far more control and influence over the development of our infrastructure.”

“Ultimately that could help ensure we have the transport links needed to support economic growth and jobs and secure the maximum benefits possible from HS2.”

Midlands Connect believes better road, rail and freight links are needed for the Midlands to fulfil its growth potential and help rebalance the UK economy as a whole. 

The partnership is working to identify priorities for investment that will maximise economic growth potential by:                                                                         

  • Maximising the opportunities from HS2
  • Addressing east-west Midlands connections including for freight
  • Considering connectivity via the region’s airports and ports                     


More information from Steve Swingler on 0121 214 7073 / mob 07887 794 241 / email;                                                           

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