Sunday 29 March 2020

Public Sector Collaborative Leadership Skills Programme

A new 3 day programme designed to enhance your collaborative leadership skills

This programme is directly relevant to councillors and officers operating across local government, LEPs, housing associations, further & high education institutions, police, fire & rescue, NHS and social care providers, health and well-being boards, local strategic partnership, neighbourhood and whole-place community budget pilots.

Specifically designed to help sharpen your collaborative leadership skills and behaviours, enabling you to confidently lead beyond organisational boundaries. You will be able to:  

  • Increase you personal effectiveness as a collaborative leader
  • More readily spot and respond to collaborative opportunities
  • Transform your organisation through better internal collaboration and innovation
  • Work more effectively in partnership with other organisations to deliver efficiency saving and improved service outcomes
  • Better engage and support community-based collaborative activities and solutions

The short course programme has three inter-connected workshops with accompanying toolkits and support material each addressing in turn the three perspectives of collaborative leadership:

Day 1 - Collaborative Leadership within your organisation: How can leaders deliver value through better collaborative working within their organisation?

Day 2 - Collaborative leadership between organisations: How can leaders work together to secure wider systems value through sharing and collaborating?

Day 3 - Collaborative leadership across communities: How can leaders engage, build and support community-based collaborative activities and solutions?

The programme combines the flexibility of a short course programme suited to meet the development needs of organisations and partnerships together with a qualification pathway to a Post Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership for individuals seeking to enhance their personal collaborative skills set and career pathway.

For more detailed information about the programme please click on the link below:

Collaborative Leadership Flyer


3-day Public Sector Collaborative Leadership Programme costs £450 (including VAT) for each of the three workshops.

The Post Graduate Certificate in Collaborative Leadership costs £3,500 and incorporates the 3-day Public Sector Collaborative Leadership Programme as an integral component.

For more information and to register your interest, please contact Lisa Butterfill