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East Midlands Coaching Conference 2017

5th Annual Coaching Conference in the East Midlands

Tuesday 13 June 2017, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

The East Midlands Coaching Network are proud to celebrate our 5th Annual Coaching Conference, which will feature a mix of practical workshops and group coaching experiences, exploring a range of exciting coaching areas, with something for coaches of all experience.

EM Coaching Conference Programme 2017 - detailed programme

Timings - 09:30 (registration from 9:00) - 16:00.

Coaching Tools and Techniques Workshops

Delegates are invited to attend one workshop in this session.

Enhance your coaching presence

Maria Iliffe-Wood

What do we mean by coaching presence?  How does our presence make a difference to the coaching outcomes for our clients?  What gets in the way of our coaching presence?  How do we get to be more present in our coaching relationships?

In this session Maria will explore these questions and more to help you to find a way to enhance your coaching presence, no matter where you are in your coaching journey. The session is in service of deepening your coaching relationships to effect greater transformation for your clients.

Bouncing back from failures

Suzanne Ross

Mistakes are a crucial part of our development. In fact, we often learn more from our mistakes and failures than we do when things go well! How can you as a coach enable your coachee to not only learn from their mistakes but bounce back in a way that builds confidence and supports their ongoing career development? In this session you’ll explore the relationship between failure and success, how the perception of ‘failure’ affects your ability to bounce back and the crucial role you play as a coach in getting your coachee back on track. 

Find your Roar!

Kay Weijers

A Refresher Coaching Course designed to support qualified coaches that are returning to coaching after a break, to bring out the best in you…

We’ll be discussing, challenging and real-playing some of the following areas already covered in ILM5…and learning more to support our skillset and makes us feel more confident with what we already know. 


Rob Kemp

GROW lives at the core of most coaches. Most coaching models and processes (of which there are many) are GROW renamed, rebranded, and re-used. Whilst the debate around an overly goal focussed coaching approach still rumbles, there are models which allow more of an exploration of the transformational, rather than the (potentially) transactional nature of the GROW model. One such model is the ‘cycle of performance’ – which we’ll explore practically in this workshop. This model is less of a step-by-step process, and more of a guided exploration of some important areas around what we feel, what we think, and what we do (yes, still around goals you’ll be relieved to hear). We’ll look at the model, and critique it in practice with some coaching triads and time to ‘have a go’.

“Good question”

Glenn Wallis

“Oh … good question” is a familiar response from clients that most coaches recognise. Whilst clients may be able to identify why particular questions were helpful, many experienced coaches cannot. Coaches appear to be working with both high degrees of awareness and with none. In this practical workshop you can explore this and other coaching paradoxes, which arise when generating coaching questions.

The Mindful Approach to Coaching

Catherine Midgley

What is mindfulness? What is mindful coaching and how is it different from how you might normally coach?

If you were engaging with a client more mindfully, how might you prepare differently? How might you engage in the coaching differently and how might you reflect on your coaching differently afterwards?

In this interactive session, Catherine will explore these questions and help you to develop a more mindful approach to your coaching. The session will also invite you to consider how to develop your own mindfulness practice and how you might introduce the idea of mindfulness to clients

Whole Group Sessions

The Power of Constellations Coaching

Noomi Natan

Why you need to take a systemic approach if you want organisational break-through. We’ll do a deep dive into the power of the Constellations approach and you’ll each get a practical taster of Constellations Coaching in action. 

Keynote session - Coaching with mBIT: Tapping in to Embodied Wisdom in coaching

Henrie Lidiard

In this session Henrie will introduce you to the exciting new field of mBIT (or multiple brain integration techniques). She’ll share with you how neuroscience is now proving what ancient wisdom traditions have known for millennia – that we have 3 centres of intelligence – our head, heart and gut. She’ll explore how mBIT Coaching offers us practical, potent and immediate ways to make wiser decisions, live more fully and create generative change in both our coaching clients and ourselves.

The Venue

Melton Borough Council
Parkside, Station Approach
Melton Mowbray
LE13 1GH

The Costs

Free to coaches in the East Midlands Coaching Network.

£95 + VAT – for authorities subscribed to the network is (where individuals aren’t coaches in the network)

£150 + VAT members of East Midlands Councils

£175 +VAT – for anyone else interested to attend 

Our Exciting Conference Contributors

Henrie Lidiard (B.Sc. Ph.D. NLP Master Trainer and mBIT Trainer)

Henrie works as a coach and consultant based in West Yorkshire. She began her career as a research scientist but since 1997 her specialism has been the development of effectiveness and wellbeing in the workplace. She uses the mind and body to increase focus, resilience and relaxation. (She has been involved in research applying these skills to palliative care, MRI radiography and mental health). She trained with both mBIT originators and was among the first cohort of mBIT Trainers globally. Her passion is helping people to connect to their deeper nature and to the wisdom of the present moment.

Maria Iliffe-Wood

Maria Iliffe-Wood is a very experienced executive and team coach, working with leaders across a broad range of organisations. She has been coaching for over 25 years. She is a qualified coach supervisor and works with independent and internal coaches.

Maria has been exploring coaching presence for a number of years now and her book ‘Coaching Presence: Building consciousness and awareness into coaching interventions’ was published in English in 2014 and in Russian in 2015. Her book came from a detailed reflective analysis of her own coaching approach, and since then she has become even more interested in the what and who is present in our coaching. How connecting at a deeper level is the most significant determinant in effecting transformation for our clients.

She is passionate about helping people to find ease in their lives and believes that the work that we do as coaches is a significant contribution to making the world a better place to be in.

Glenn Wallis

Dr Glenn Wallis holds a Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes Business School. He is a highly motivated practitioner and is the Director of Wallis Partnership Ltd, a leadership consultancy that enables organisations to improve performance through developing increasingly capable leaders. A former international athlete Glenn has used his background to co-author, “How to become a Talented Performer: A formula for early career success” to help those new to, or returning to, the workplace, succeed. 

Catherine Midgley

For over 20 years now, Catherine’s role has been as a coach and facilitator. Catherine worked initially for Boots as a Development Consultant, supporting internal clients to meet their training, development and coaching needs. Working independently since 2003, Catherine has worked with hundreds of senior managers, middle managers, and professionals to improve their effectiveness at work. She also works extensively in the NHS with both clinicians and managers. Her work is a mixture of coaching and facilitating workshops and she brings an energy and enthusiasm to her work coupled with experience of what really works to change thinking and behaviours. Catherine and co-author Carroll Macey have recently published a book, The Mindful Approach to Working Life. Catherine has been practicing mindfulness for some years and has introduced this concept to certain clients, realising that it was a remarkable way of managing stressful situations at work. Catherine is trained in Workplace MT (Workplace Mindfulness Training) and incorporates mindfulness into her private and professional life.

Mark Bateman

Mark constantly challenges others to be their best self, with a particular focus on developing more effective behaviours within a management or leadership context. He facilitates engaging workshops, and provides team/group and executive coaching.  He has a Masters in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring, is level A&B qualified, and is a trained psychotherapist. He has run a number of his own businesses and understands first hand the pressures managers/leaders face.  He is now the CEO of Engage Coach International, providing cutting edge coaching diagnostic and development solutions.

Noomi Natan

Noomi is an internationally experienced Executive Coach and Constellator. For the past decade she has coached leaders in more than 15 different countries on how to stop fire-fighting and reduce overwhelm, so they can make better decisions that are good for both people and profits. She has facilitated large leadership development programs and worked with leaders across most sectors including organisations housing some of the world’s most loved brands. She is also the creator of the virtual training course Constellations for Leadership and Change.   

Suzanne Cross

Passionate about helping people to thrive, personally and professionally, Suzanne has 20 years of pragmatic international experience in talent development and high performance practices. Through her consultancy 2thrive, she specialises in helping individuals and teams build and sustain success with an emphasis on leadership behaviours, emotional intelligence and change resilience. Suzanne is completing her Doctoral research in Executive Talent, Success and Derailment. Through her research she has developed a comprehensive understanding of the ‘mechanisms’ successful people use to sustain success, the reasons people derail and how to get back on track. Through 2thrive, she also runs a unique Women Trailblazers programme, for talented women defining success for themselves. Suzanne is a part-time Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Business School, a facilitator, presenter and has contributed to articles in the national press on career management, derailment and talent. Suzanne is an experienced Executive Coach and has worked across private, public and third sector with organisations as diverse as technology start- ups, FTSE 100’s and Local Authorities.

Kay Weijers

Kay is passionate about helping people to become the person they want to be. This could mean working on your self-assurance, to give you the confidence to reveal the person you know you are inside. Or it could mean developing yourself to present your capabilities in a more positive, convincing way.

Engage me as your confidante, thinking partner and coach. Together we’ll explore what makes you tick, what drives you, what makes you feel valued. We’ll discover the real you, find out if other people’s labelling and expectations have squashed your potential.

Human beings are complex creatures, prone to insecurities and self-doubt. But once you realise just who you are and begin to be proud of being so – the relief, content and personal acceptance is rewarding and empowering beyond words.

A person’s true self and capability is oh so often buried deep inside; too shy, too insecure to dare to be seen. Like a light hidden under bushel, it just needs to be brought out of the shadows. And once out, it will glimmer, then glow and shine brightly for all to see. 

Rob Kemp

After a corporate career spanning two decades (predominantly in life sciences) Rob has spent the last ten years as a coach, trainer and consultant working with a diverse client base across many sectors and contexts. Rob has a particular interest and practice in positive psychology coaching – working with assets and values. Rob also has an active interest and practice in mentoring; scheme design, mentor training and preparation, and scheme evaluation - and he is an active mentor in several contexts.

Rob has a mission that wherever the developmental conversation happens, and whatever that conversation is called, that it is had with clarity, integrity, and purpose.

Rob holds an MSc, in Coaching & Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University (2013, with Merit) 

East Midlands Coaching Network

The East Midlands Coaching Network is a regional network of coaches across the East Midlands, supported by East Midlands Councils and facilitated by an online coaching management and development system. 

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