Wednesday 16 October 2019

East Midlands Coaching Conference 2018

2018, 6th Annual Coaching Conference in the East Midlands

The East Midlands Coaching Network are proud to celebrate our 6th Annual Coaching Conference.

This years Coaching Conference will offer a focused space for coaches to develop themselves, by focusing on just three themes across the programme we have extended the time we spend on each area, allowing for in-depth exploration and lots of coaching practice.

Our 2018 three core themes for the conference are;  

  • Support for working in a one to one coaching relationship - Structural Dynamics and Communication in Coaching
  • Support for working in a group coaching setting, exploring what Team coaching is and how it works in practice
  • Support for coaches, with a session on Self-Care in Coaching, where coaches will explore what happens when we forget to pay attention to this for coaches and their clients

When working with coaching clients the feedback, we as coaches receive, is often how valuable coachees find it to have space and dedicated time to explore themselves and their current situation, including the luxury of having someone to listen and reflect back. The 2018 Conference is built around this principle and offers great conference contributors who will share their knowledge, expertise and energy to help coaches with their coaching journey.

There will also be plenty of time to meet coaches from across the East Midlands and provide opportunity to share your coaching experience, whether you are new to coaching or with many coaching hours under your belt.

 The full programme for the event is available from

EM Coaching Conference Programme 2018  


Programme Content

Finding your Authentic Coaching Voice - Working with Structural Dynamics - A Theory of Face to Communication

Catherine Thomson

Dialogue and Structural Dynamics is a powerful framework that helps leaders and coaches understand and optimise their communications. As part of your personal development journey as a coach, this session introduces you to Structural Dynamics, a theory of face to face communication, developed by Dr David Kantor of The Kantor Institute, MA. In this session you will discover more about your: 

  • Typical behavioural stances when interacting with others.
  • Preferred language used when interacting with others
  • Internal rules that govern the language used and the actions we take when interacting with other.
  • Ability to engage in coaching conversations in which the other person feels heard, respected and validated
  • Self-Awareness and flexibility in intervening positively when you observe unhelpful patterns of behaviour in yourself and others

Team Coaching

Sandra Whiles

Sandra Whiles will lead a group Team Coaching practical session, with outcomes to include:

  • Understand the potential of Team Coaching
  • Reflect on how Team Coaching could work in your organisation
  • Awareness of models used in public sector Team Coaching programmes and a range of Team Coaching Tools
  • Reflect on your own development opportunities as a Team Coach  

The session will cover

  • Why Team Coaching?
  • Ingredients of high performing teams
  • What is Team Coaching?
  • Team dynamics
  • What makes a Team Coach
  • A few tools used in Team Coaching

Self-Care for Effective Coaching

Julie Hickton

  • What do we mean by self-care?
  • What happens when we forget to pay attention to this for us as coaches and for our clients
  • The areas of self-care
  • Exercise to self-assess
  • Peer coaching to identify new areas to improve self-care
  • Medative practice
  • Appreciation exercise 

Date and Time

Tuesday 3 July 2018, 09:30 - 16:00


Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB


Free to coaches in the East Midlands Coaching Network.

£95 + VAT – for authorities subscribed to the network is (where individuals aren’t coaches in the network)

£150 + VAT members of East Midlands Councils

£175 +VAT – for anyone else interested to attend

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Conference Contributors

Sandra Whiles, Coach

My 11 years as a CE in local government gave me some brilliant experiences around transformation, change and developing people and teams and showed me at first hand the power of coaching in helping people and teams to thrive, deliver and navigate change well.  I took the leap into the world of full time coaching in 2016, setting up Sandra Whiles Coaching, and now spend most of my time working with senior leaders, future leaders and senior teams across a range of sectors I love my work as a coach and trainer. It allows me to use my creativity around people, situations and challenges to help individuals, teams and organisations succeed. Clients describe me as challenging, supportive, energising, helpful, practical and fun.  Coaching allows me to mix my experiences as a senior leader, theoretical and practical knowledge as a coach and inherent interest in people in a way that gives me great work satisfaction and brings new challenges that inspire my own personal development and growth. 

Catherine Thomson

Catherine is founder of the Houston Exchange, a company specialising in the coaching and development of senior leaders and their teams. She is an accomplished organisation development specialist with UK-wide and international experience. She believes that organisations are full of people whose vital spark is unlit and whose unique value is unrecognised. This is costing businesses, individuals and society dearly, on all levels: financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This cost is far too high, and unsustainable. She is passionate about helping business leaders and their teams have the conversations they really need to have, about the things that matter. As coaches we need to recognise the unique worth of each employee so that they can contribute fully. This can happen when we learn to have powerful, clean conversations that lead to new thinking. Her commitment is to help as many organisations as possible build the skills to hold powerful conversations around the things that matter, so they can fix the things that need to be fixed, and move forward in a far healthier, more productive and more profitable way, without reverting to the old ways.

Julie Hickton

Julie’s passion for assisting individuals and teams to achieve their potential is a real inspiration. Her positive motivational personality is infectious, creating a real sense of purpose, focus and enjoyment for all those who work with her.

Julie uses her previous business experience and people understanding along with her coaching talents to assist businesses and individuals to understand their key people related issues and how to harness their talents to achieve both business and individual success.

Prior to running her own business in executive Coaching and Leadership Development she has over 20 years experience as a senior leader and Human Resources specialist in a variety of successful retailing / home improvement / business services organisations including; Marks and Spencer; the Mico Group and most recently Divisional HR Director with Eaga plc. Within these positions she has been a driver in developing and implementing their people strategies, enabling the businesses to achieve enhanced business performance.

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