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Housing CPD Programme - Homelessness Reduction Act 2017

Homelessness Reduction Action 2017 Event, 27 September 2017

The inaugural event in the EMC low cost CPD programme for Housing will focus on the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017. The new Homelessness Reduction Act will place new legal duties on councils so that everyone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness will have access to meaningful help, irrespective of their priority need status, as long as they are eligible for assistance.

Housing CPD Programme Programme - Homelessness Reduction Act 2017

Welcome and Instructions

Programme Chair - John Conway, Head of Housing, Kettering Borough Council


Homelessness Reduction Action 2017: What will it mean for your local authority?

Faye Greaves, Chartered Institute of Housing

An overview of the Homelessness Reduction Act, including an exploration of the wider policy context, what the new measures are and what local authorities should be thinking about ahead of its implementation.


  • The scale of the homelessness problem
  • The wider policy context for growing homelessness and barriers to tackling it (under supply of genuinely affordable housing, the private rented sector, welfare reform and changes to funding etc.)
  • An overview of the main changes being introduced by the Act
  • An exploration of what implementation might look like at a local level, taking into account the different pressures and opportunities presented by varied local contexts (housing market pressures, prevalence and affordability of PRS accommodation, availability and accessibility of social housing stock, partnerships and collaborative working and local priorities for spending etc.)


Charnwood Borough Council Case Study

Alison Simmonds, Charnwood Borough Council


Understanding what others are already doing to reduce homelessness in their local areas

World Café Workshops, providing delegates the opportunity to attend all workshops. Workshops will be designed to be small group sessions focused on practical examples of what local authorities are already doing to reduce and prevent homelessness.

Workshop one - Workshop two - Tenancy Sustainment, Leona Mantle, Kettering Borough Council

Workshop three - Charnwood Borough Council 


Home Connections - Workflow management designed by officers for officersHousing Connections

Ninesh Muthiah and Kam Basra, Home Connections

How will your Council review and map your housing processes to ensure legal compliance with the Homelessness Reduction Act?

This presentation and workshop will review some of the key processes on a step by step basis. 

  • How to determine eligibility and homelessness status within the 56 day target?
  • How will you create the 60 different letters and forms needed to handle the process?
  • How do you ensure legally sound decision letters at all stages?
  • Can you minimise reviews?
  • Can reviews be handled more effectively?


Preparing for the new Assessment Duty, Personal Housing Plans and the other 10 essential actions local authorities need to take between now and next April 2018 to be ready

Andy Gale

Workshop on preparing for implementation - the essential tasks and planning  

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