Wednesday 26 June 2019

Improving Productivity and Performance – A practical workshop for organisations and managers

Managing at any time presents challenges. Right now, those challenges seem to increase exponentially. Not only do people, change, productivity and culture present challenges, they interact to add complexity and confusion.   

We are all expected to achieve more with less. According to a survey by Gallup in 2013 on the State of the Global Workforce only 17% of the UK workforce are actively engaged; 57% doing enough to get by and 26% being actively disengaged. Relationships between engagement and poor outcomes have been identified including productivity, safety, absenteeism and quality. 

This highly informative and practical workshop will be extremely beneficial for senior managers, who are leading service improvement and culture change, to understand how these performance outcomes can be managed at an organisational level to ensure alignment between the 3 key factors that affect people in the workplace.

Facilitated by Steve Whiddett, consultant business psychologist and former chair of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) in partnership with Nigel Carruthers, Senior Advisor, Workforce Strategy & Policy, this workshop will make it possible to identify the causes of issues and how to prioritise them using an approach called PACE – Productivity and Capacity Enhancement. PACE includes a suite of tools, including a diagnostic for use at organisational level as well as techniques managers can use to manage situations to improve performance and productivity.

The workshop will include:

  • Introduction to PACE: principles, objectives and uses
  • Exploring Productivity using PACE principles
  • Benefits of using PACE
  • Exploring a given problem using PACE
  • Exploring real productivity and Performance Issues
  • Opportunities for using PACE in your organisation


Participants will learn an approach to manage any situation, specifically how to:

  • Identify what can realistically be achieved
  • Identify what may need to be changed in order that expectations can be achieved
  • Set up situations, at any level, that can deliver what is expected
  • Significantly reduce wasting resources
  • Avoid wasting own and others time on unrealistic expectations and plan for new expectations
  • Diagnose under performance and poor productivity

Aimed at

Senior Managers wishing to understand how this valuable approach can be used effectively within their organisation

Any Manager wishing to gain practical knowledge and understanding

Event information

Venue - East Midlands Councils, Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB

Costs – subsidised rates for this session only*

Local Authority Members £87.50* Associate Members £115

Non-members £150

(all prices subject to VAT)

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