Thursday 20 February 2020

The Role of the Civic Head and Team

What are the objectives of the session?

The day will include discussion on the role of prospective Civic Heads, Mayoress, Consorts or Escorts, their Deputies and all Civic Support Officers and will identify any concerns and further needs that the delegates may have in carrying out their duties.

A further aim of the day is to provide the opportunity to meet and network with Members and Officers from other authorities in similar prospective roles. 

The seminar will be very participatory and the facilitation methods used will include direct input, group discussions and syndicate work.

 What will the session cover?


  • Welcome by the current Civic Head
  • Introductions and outline of the day
  • The Role of the Civic Head/Mayor/Chair           
  • The Role of the Mayoress/Consort/Escort
  • The Role of Deputies
  • Officer Support
  • Your concerns with regard to the above roles
  • Personal considerations
  • Charity Appeals 


  • Civic Heads – Chairing Council Meetings
  • Officers – Networking Session
  • Other Delegates as appropriate 

15.40            Evaluation and close

The Trainer:

Ronnie Farley and Marilyn Box, Councillor Skills

The facilitators for the seminar are Ronnie Farley and Marilyn Box from Councillor Skills, an organisation who specialise in training for Local Government Councillors and Officers. This seminar is provided nationally on behalf of the National Association of Civic Officers. The seminar is aimed at prospective ceremonial Lord Mayors, Mayors, Consorts, Deputies, Chairpersons and Civic Office support staff.

Aimed at:

Prospective ceremonial Lord Mayors, Mayors, Consorts, Deputies, Chairpersons and Civic Office support staff


Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE13 0PB


Local Authority Members £175

Associate Members £210

Non-members £250

(all prices subject to VAT)


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