Thursday 20 February 2020

Understanding derailment: How coaches can help coachees get back on track

The East Midlands Coaching Network is holding a CPD session for Coaches on 8 November 2018, on derailment. 

Derailment is an involuntary process where people stall, plateau or fail to live up to their potential in their role. The consequences of derailment for individuals can be significant impacting careers, health, confidence and overall well-being. Derailment is misunderstood but widespread for example, up to 40% of managers derail. The aim of this session is to help you to understand some of the common causes of derailment and to explore what you can do, as a coach, to help your coachee learn from their experience, rebuild their confidence and move on.

The Facilitator - Suzanne Ross

Passionate about helping people to thrive, personally and professionally, Suzanne has 20 years of pragmatic international experience in talent development and high performance practices. Through her consultancy 2thrive, she specialises in helping individuals and teams build and sustain success with an emphasis on leadership behaviours, emotional intelligence and change resilience. Suzanne is completing her Doctoral research in Executive Talent, Success and Derailment. Through her research she has developed a comprehensive understanding of the ‘mechanisms’ successful people use to sustain success, the reasons people derail and how to get back on track. Through 2thrive, she also runs a unique Women Trailblazers programme, for talented women defining success for themselves. Suzanne is a part-time Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Business School, a facilitator, presenter and has contributed to articles in the national press on career management, derailment and talent. Suzanne is an experienced Executive Coach and has worked across private, public and third sector with organisations as diverse as technology start- ups, FTSE 100’s and Local Authorities.

What is the East Midlands Coaching Network?

The East Midlands Coaching Network is a regional network of coaches across the East Midlands, supported by East Midlands Councils and facilitated by an online coaching management and development system.

The East Midlands Coaching Network will help organisations build internal coaching capacity and enable people to access trained and experienced coaches from other local authorities and partner organisations to support performance, improvement and personal development at very low cost.

To book your place please contact Kirsty Lowe, or call 01664 502637 


8 November 2018, 10:00 - 13:00


Riverside Innovation Training Room, Nottinghamshire County Council

County Hall West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7QP

The Costs

  • Free for Coaches on the East Midlands Coaching Network.
  • £40 - for authorities subscribed to the network is (where individuals aren’t coaches in the network)
  • £95 plus Vat for coaches outside of the Network

Further Information

Kirsty Lowe at East Midlands Councils on 01664 502 637 or email


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