Thursday 20 February 2020

Using a trauma informed approach to recognise and address the impact of complex trauma on families

Content of workshop

The experience of repeated trauma, particularly during the developmental period, results in a broad range of emotional, cognitive and behavioural difficulties that impact not only on an individual’s mental health, but also their physical health, their psychosocial functioning and their ability to interact effectively with services.  Understanding how repeated and complex trauma affects individuals can greatly enhance working practices for all frontline practitioners regardless of their training background or clinical role. 

Many people with complex trauma will not receive a diagnosis or treatment for their mental health difficulties but will present to crisis services or services that are responding to their risky behaviours such as the police or social services.   They may struggle with housing and employment because of their difficulties.  This means that an understanding of complex trauma is relevant to a broad range of service providers and professionals. 

This training will provide participants with an understanding of how repeated and complex trauma affects individuals and will discuss how a trauma informed approach can help professionals to create a sense of safety in their service that promotes engagement and recovery.  The training will look at specific manifestations of complex trauma and in particular how this might present in terms of mental health, substance misuse, domestic abuse and parenting. 

The training will also help staff develop confidence in their interactions with severely traumatised individuals and can feel empowered about their capacity to help this group of people in the context of whichever service they are providing.  

 The Trainer: Dr Sheena Webb, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Target Audience: Health/LA staff working with refugees


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Costs: £100 + VAT

Closing date for bookings: 13th February 2018

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