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How to work effectively with Interpreters


East Midlands Foster Carers and UASC Support Workers, Resettlement Officers, Refugee Support Workers.

Please note: This training is for EMC Members and SMP agreed VCSE Partners: 


Aim of the Workshop:

Become a more discerning user of interpreter services and learn to make the interpreter’s job easier. This course is for you if you have to rely on guesswork in order to recognise the behaviour of a skilled interpreter and have not been trained in the conventions of working with an interpreter. It covers both face to face and telephone interpreting.

Course Content:

  • Realise that interpreting is not a protected profession, and what that means for you.
  • Can confidently request interpreters with appropriate qualification levels relevant to your workplace.
  • Can distinguish between ‘red flags’ and signs of competence.
  • Can recognise when it is appropriate to complain about interpreter services and where to direct that complaint.
  • Can brief and debrief an interpreter.
  • Can interact with the interpreter and service user in a skilful way which makes it easier for the interpreter to be accurate.


Course Structure:

  • How can you make accurate interpretation easier
  • How should an ethical interpreter behave
  • Which ‘red flags’ would be a cause for concern


There will be a short halfway break and an online quiz at the end so that participants can test themselves.


You will know how to work in harmony with an interpreter and how to identify competence in interpreter.


Marta Leigh is a highly qualified translator and interpreter with extensive experience in legal, public service, and healthcare settings.  Her day job is running Klotski Translations Ltd., where she provides Polish-English interpreting and translation services alongside coaching, mentoring, and consultancy.

She actively shares her knowledge by working as an interpreter and translator trainer, as well as a language assessor for various training providers.

This combination of qualifications, experience and commitment to professional development makes her stand out as an excellent contributor to the English Unlocked workshops.


For further enquiries please contact Anna Anderson at 

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02 Jul 2024


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM




Virtual via Zoom


Anna Anderson