Wednesday 19 December 2018


East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy - September 2017

The HS2 Growth Strategy has been launched, a copy can be accessed from this link East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy - September 2017

East Midlands HS2 Hub - Development Framework and Illustrative Masterplan:Core Principles - October 2017

A copy of the document can be found here - EM HS2 Hub Core Principles

HS2 Skills and Employability Strategic Framework – Fast Track to Inclusive growth across the East Midlands 

A copy of the document can be found here - HS2 Skills and Employability Strategic Framework

Research on making the most of HS2 investments and connectivity in the EM Labour Market - May 2017

A copy of the document can be found here - Research report - HS2 Fast Track to Growth May 2017

New HS2 Video

The new 'Beta version' of the HS2 Video

East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy - Emerging Strategy: Fast Track to GrowthEM RTPI 2016 Reg Win Logo-01

EMC and D2N2 have published a document which sets out our initial plans to use HS2 in the East Midlands to create an extra 74,000 jobs and generate an additional £4 billion of GVA by 2042.

The document represents work in progress. Our final growth strategy will be published in July 2017 and will include a prioritised investment proposition for key development sites and interventions. Key initial priorities include: 

  • Development of a northern-facing ‘classic compatible’ link at the Hub Station to boost connectivity between the Midlands Engine and the Northern Powerhouse;
  • A comprehensive re-modelling of Trent Junction south of Nottingham to meet the long term passenger and freight requirements of both HS2 and Midlands Connect;
  • The development of a ‘Mass Transit Strategy’ as part of the Derby-Nottingham Metro initiative, with the Hub Station at its heart; and
  • Effective access from the A52 and a long term approach to managing traffic growth on the M1.

The document can be viewed here: East Midlands HS2 Growth Strategy Fast Track to Growth

HS2 Toton Hub Station

EMC has published a report commissioned from Farrells and Peter Brett Associates, setting out proposed key design principles for the HS2 Hub Station at Toton, including an initial ‘concept design’.  The report is intended to provide a basis for working with the Government and HS2 Ltd to deliver a Hub Station that maximises connectivity and economic growth for the East Midlands. 

Final Farrells Report

HS2 Hub Station Concept Design

With financial support from D2N2, EMC commissioned Farrells and PBA to develop Hub Station design principles based on the Strategic Board’s agreed vision and aspirations for local, regional and national connectivity. The outcome is intended to inform initial design work led by HS2 Ltd in the period prior to January 2016. 

This report was commissioned to highlight the priorities, towards maximising the economic growth potential of the future Toton HS2 hub station for the East Midlands, linking the station with its local area and the region.

Material generated by local councils, within their area of expertise, has been collated, after review by Farrells and PBA, to form a technically robust and coherent technical appendix to this document.

While limited in detail, the report has the ambition of establishing a shared agenda with HS2 Ltd and Government to co-design the East Midlands HS2 station and to be taken forward through a future Hybrid Bill process. 

A Strategic Brief for the Station:

Objectives Agreed by the East Midlands HS2 Strategic Board, September 2015

  • Support maximum local development
  • Deliver regional integrated connectivity
  • The best multi-modal destination station
  • Unlock local accessibility

Strategic Brief: Objectives to Maximise Wider Regional Benefits OF HS2

An iconic multimodal transport interchange as well as a destination station as the catalytic hub for the region

Towards Maximising the Benefits of HS2 – Requirements for a World Class Destination Station

HS2 Strategic Board

EMC provides the secretariat for the HS2 Strategic Board, the Board is chaired by Cllr Jon Collins, Vice Chair of EMC and Leader of Nottingham City Council. 

The Board will provide strategic political guidance for the delivery of HS2 with the aim of maximising the economic benefits for the region, whilst seeking to remove or mitigate any adverse impacts. 

For further information on the Strategic Board visit here, including meeting details and papers.