Thursday 27 April 2017

What are the benefits of membership of EMC?

East Midlands Councils represents the interests of local councils to Government and national organisations. We enable local councils to work together on key issues of common concern and support local councils with advice and services on employment, training and development, housing, health, transport and planning. There are 45 local authorities in membership of East Midlands Councils, each member authority is able to benefit from a range of free and subsidised services. Click on the headings in the drop-down box to see what East Midlands Councils has to offer in each of the work areas.


Support for Economic Growth

The principal focus of the EMC 2013-15 business plan – and hence EMC activity – will be upon supporting economic growth and sector-led transformation and improvement.  Our Economic Development activities include;

Core services available to EMC members

Delivering an East Midlands European Investment Plan: Priority Axis 3 (PA3) Project - EMC has been successful in securing ERDF technical assistance to develop a ‘socio-economic framework’ which will influence and inform the development of the 2014-2020 ERDF Programme.

ERDF Priority Axis 2 Network - EMC provides the secretariat for an active network of representatives of the 12 Local Authorities eligible for targeted funding under ERDF Priority Axis 2 (PA2), bringing them into direct and co-ordinated contact with the ERDF Programme Delivery Team.

European and International Sounding Board - The Board advises members and provides local authority input into the 2007 - 13 ERDF Local Management Commitee (LMC) chaired by DCLG.

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Human Resources Support

Supporting implementation of national HR strategies, policies, conditions of service and national and European legislation

East Midlands Councils is the Statutory Regional Employers' Organisation for the East Midlands.

Core services

Statutory Regional Employers' Organisation, activities include;

  • Resolving disputes - formal and informal
  • Supporting joint consultation
  • Representing the region's councils and their interests at national meetings
  • Hosting regional pay consultation meetings
  • Liaising and communicating with councils on pay negotiation developments
  • Providing an advice service to local authorities on terms and conditions and employment law
  • Supporting the LGA to develop guidance to local authorities
  • Responding to consultation on employment issues/legislation

National Pay negotiations link - EMC provides a communications link between the national employers, Local Government Employers, and authorities within the region.  This enables councils in the region to inform negotiations and developments at a national level with local government pay and conditions. 

LGA Employment Relations Advisory Bulletin – EMC distribute the Advisory Bulletin which sets out details of employment tribunals and changes in legislation.

Information EU Legislative changes - EMC provides information to local authorities on EU legislative changes that will impact on employment legislation.

HR Advice Line – EMC provides a HR Advice Line for its Member Local Authorities, for advice on Local Government Conditions of Service and Workforce matters.

Information and Research Service – EMC gather information from local authorities on a range of pay and workforce issues enabling authorities to benchmark policies and to work collaboratively on common issues and share best practice.

Pay, Rewards & Job Evaluation Network - The group meets to discuss progress with Job Evaluation and pay reviews within authorities.

Public Health Transitions Network – A network for local authority HR professionals to support the transfer of public health functions from PCTs to local authorities.

Additional services

East Midlands Councils provides a range of HR services on a consultancy basis, these services include;

  • Interim HR management
  • Recruitment and assessment centre service
  • Restructures and reorganisation support
  • Outplacement support
  • Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Investigations (grievances, harassment/bullying/discrimination, disciplinary)
  • Advice to hearings (grievances, discipline) and appeals
  • Appeals training for appeal panel members
  • Staff surveys
  • Reports to provide independent expert advice on a range of employment issues, e.g. senior level salaries
  • Provision of psychometric testing
  • Provision of associate consultants

For further information about any of these services please contact Sam Maher, or call 01664 502 620.  Or for further details and to read customer testimonies visit

EpayCheck – It is a subscription based service, allowing participating local authorities to access ‘real time’ pay benchmarking data for hundreds of common roles that exist across the sector. Cost saving: £1200 per year

East Midlands Jobs - is a one stop website for public sector opportunities in the East Midlands.

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Support for Planning

EMC services at a discounted rate

Planning Support Service - EMC runs a Planning Support Service to give Councils access to high quality, technical interim support at below market rates.

OPUN Design Support Service - The EMC/OPUN Design Support Service is designed to ensure that a local authority’s own schemes also have access to design support but at a more affordable rate.  Cost saving: £1,000

Low Cost CPD for Planning Officers - EMC offers a programme of 6 low cost Continuing Professional Development knowledge based seminars for local authority planners and other development professionals.  Cost saving: £2,000 

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Consultancy Support

East Midlands Councils provides a range of support for local authorities and fire and rescue services on a consultancy basis, these services include;

    • Recruitment and assessment centre design and delivery
    • Psychometric testing
    • In-house training and development for officers and Councillors
    • Investigations for disciplinary, grievance and harassment & discrimination cases
    • Developing individuals and teams using a range of tools and techniques including Myers Briggs Type Indicators.
    • Advice and support for disciplinary and grievance hearings
    • Support for Member Appeals and Recruitment Interviews
    • Job evaluation
    • Salary reviews
    • Mediation
    • Coaching
    • Facilitation for workshops and action learning sets
    • Team building
    • Facilitation of Action Learning Sets
    • Event management
    • Outplacement Support and Career Counselling - East Midlands Councils

For further details of the consultancy services we provide please visit, if you would like to talk to someone further about these services please contact Sam Maher, or call 01664 502 620.

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Support for Learning and Development

East Midlands Councils is committed to providing learning and development support to local authorities in the East Midlands.  We support local authorities in a number of ways;

Core services

Learning and Organisational Development Network – A network of Learning and Organisational Development professionals.

Research and Information Service - EMC provides member authorities with an research and information service.  For further information about this service please visit

Additional services at discounted rate

East Midlands Coaching Network - The East Midlands Coaching Networkis a regional network of coaches across the East Midlands, facilitated by an online coaching management and development system.   Cost saving: £20,500

Low Cost CPD for Environmental Health Officers – 5 Pack + 1 - EMC, working with CIEH East Midlands, offers a programme of 6 low cost CPD knowledge based seminars for all local authority regulatory employees.  Cost saving: £2,000

East Midlands Councils Learning and Development Events - EMC offer a wide range of learning and development events and housing events. Cost saving: up to £75 per delegate

For further information about the support provided to member authorities on learning and development please visit , or contact Kirsty Lowe or Lisa Butterfill, or or call 01664 502 620.

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Support for Councillor Development

East Midlands Councils (EMC) provides a comprehensive Councillor Development programme for councils in the East Midlands that range from policy events covering issues such as Welfare Reform, to personal development planning for Councillors.

The Councillor Development and support programme includes;

East Midlands Councils Policy Brief

EMC publishes a weekly briefing service with the latest digested news for local government.  If you would like to receive a copy of the weekly email please contact

Skills workshops delivered in house or at our headquarters on areas such as Chairing skills, Time management and Presentation skills

Regional Programme of Briefing events

The Regional Programme of Briefing events, is a series of 6 low cost knowledge based events for councillors in the region, the programme is tailored specifically to the needs of Councillors in the East Midlands.  The Regional Programme of Briefing events provides local authorities with access to continuing professional development for Councillors at an incredibly low cost. 

For subscribing members of the programme the cost for each place works out at just less than £42.  This represents a saving of £2,500 on similar development opportunities.

Councillor Development Skills programme

EMC offers a range of skills development events for Councillors, details of the events in the current programme can be found via

East Midlands Regional Councillor Development Charter

EMC supports the assessment and validation of the East Midlands Councillor Development Charter.  For further information on the charter, including what is involved and which authorities have been awarded the Charter in the East Midlands visit

Practitioner Networks

Health and Well-Being Board Chairs' Network - The Health and Well-Being Board (HWB) Chairs' Network supports HWB Chairs to develop their their role through exchange of information, practice and ideas.

Adult Social Care Lead Members Network

Councillor Development Network - The Councillor Development Network supports both local authority Members and Officers responsible for councillor learning and development, by sharing knowledge, information and ideas across the region through discussions and presentations.

Scrutiny Network - The East Midlands Councils Scrutiny network is a local authority network for Councillors and Officers involved with Scrutiny.

Other Councillor Development services include;

  • Community Leadership Awards
  • Member Development Political Skills Audit Tool
  • Personal Development Planning for Councillors
  • Action Learning Sets for Councillors
  • Developing Impact and Influence Workshops for Councillors

For further information about the support EMC provides to Councillors visit -

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Policy Support

Core services

East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership – funded by the Home Office, this partnership provides a regional advisory, development and consultation function for member organisations from a range or sectors – for the co-ordination and provision of advice, support and services for migrants.

Policy Briefing - EMC provides a weekly policy briefing highlighting key policy development and relevant EMC initiatives.

Performance Management Network -The Performance Management network is a local authority network for officers involved with Performance Management.

Safety Network - The Safety network supports local authority officers responsible for health and safety by sharing knowledge, information and ideas across the region through discussions and presentations and input on a variety of topics.

Welfare Reform Steering group – EMC runs a Welfare Reform steering group, which supports councils on delivery welfare reform.

Additional services available at discounted rate for EMC members

EMGWARP Network - The East Midlands Government Warning, Advice and Reporting Point (EMGWARP) Network is a member community of local authority officers concerned with Information Security.  Cost saving: up to £7,200 each per year

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Political Representation and Engagement

Being part of East Midlands Councils provides councillors with the opportunity to collectively lobby and influence Government Strategies and represent the interests of local authorities across the region.

  • East Midlands Councils meetingExecutive Board - The Executive Board is the strategic decision making body of East Midlands Councils on issues of interest and relevance to Local Authorities at the regional level.
  • Regional Employers Board - The purpose of the Regional Employers’ Board is to allow senior Councillors to provide a steer on employment issues and councillor development, representing the interests of local authorities across the region.  The Regional Employers’ Board forms the Employers’ Side of the Regional Joint Council.
  • Strategic Migration Board - The aim of the East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership (EMSMP) is to provide a regional advisory, development and consultation function for member organisations from the statutory, voluntary, community and private sectors - for the co-ordination and provision of advice, support and services for migrants.
  • Improvement and Transformation Board The Regional Improvement and Transformation Board leads the work of East Midlands Councils on sector-led innovation, transparency, improvement and productivity. This includes a particular focus upon adult and children’s services, member learning and development, public health/Health and Wellbeing Boards and, in conjunction with the LGA, to work with councils in difficulty.


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