Thursday 26 November 2015

Local Government Services (Green Book)

As part of its core service, East Midlands Councils provides advice to its member authorities on the national conditions of service for employees within the Local Government Services negotiating body, i.e. those covered by the Green Book conditions of service.

A copy of the Green Book is available to local authorities via the LGA website.

Trade Union Pay Claim for 2016/17 - Local Government Services (Green Book)

Trade Unions for the Local Government Services (Green Book) NJC have formally tabled a pay claim for 2016/17 (see link below).  The National Employers have acknowledged receipt of the claim and a further response is unlikely in the near future. East Midlands Councils and other Regional Employers’ Organisations are in discussions with the National Employers about arrangements for consulting councils, which will likely involve regional pay meetings in September/October.  East Midlands Councils will keep its member authorities informed of any further developments.

Trade Union Pay Claim 3 June 2015

National Mininum Wage Increase - October 2014

Since 1 April 2013 the hourly rate of SCP5 has been £6.45 per hour (£12,435 per annum). On 1 October the National Minimum Wage will increase from £6.31 per hour to £6.50. 9 Sept National Min Wage

Local Government Pay 2014

LGS Pay Deal Agreed - 14 November 2014

Agreement has now been reached on LGS pay for 2014-16.  Please see the attached circular LGS Pay 2014-15-16 

Living Wage

The clear position of both the LGA and National Employers on whether a council decides to introduce the Living Wage is that it is entirely a matter for local determination. However, in response to a number of enquiries the attached  document has been developed in order to assist councils with regard to various issues related to the introduction of the Living Wage.  

The Living Wage is one of the work strands for East Midlands Councils and we will continue to provide advice and collate information and practice to support local authorities in the region who have an interest in this issue.

Changing Terms and Conditions at Local Level

Please find below information on changing terms and conditions at local level in a draft document produced by the LGA.  The document follows on from this year's pay negotiations.

Support to Reform Green Book Locally - Sept 2013

The LGA and East Midlands Councils are available to provide support, information and guidance to local authorities in the region on these issues.  For example, East Midlands Councils and its counterparts in other regions are collating information to share on terms and conditions which is likely to be of interest to Councils who want to know about trends, practices and experiences from other authorities across the country to help inform their policy development and planning for any local reform of terms and conditions.  

East Midlands Councils is collating reponses on the draft document to identify common issues/areas of interest within the region, and therefore I would be grateful if you could send your response to, who will then forward responses to Harry Honnor at the LGA.

Localism Act: Pay Policy Statements - Guidance for Chief Executives

Further to the JNC's initial guidance (dated 25 Nov 11), please find attached Supplementary Note No 1 that deals with a few issues that have been raised by local authorities Developments at National Level on Pay for Local Government Services Employees for 2011/2012   Pay Policy Supplementary - 12 Jan

Further to the JNC's initial guidance (dated 25 Nov 11) and Supplementary Note No 1 (dated 12 Jan), please find attached Supplementary Note No 2 that deals with Pay multiple: where it should be published, Pay multiple: no requirement to publish a target, Pay multiple: calculating the average, Tax avoidance, Definition of Chief Officer Pay Policy Supplementary Part 2 - 1 March 12

The Employers' Side of the NJC for Local Government Services (Green Book) staff have today (28.10.11) received a claim from the joint trade unions in relation to pay for 2012.  Please see the claim below:  TU Pay Claim 28 Oct 11

The LGS Employers have today (17.2.11) informed the local government trade unions that they will not be in a position to make any pay offer for 2011/2012.  Please see below Circular and Options paper.

Emp Circ 17 Feb 11

Options Paper Nov 10

National Car Allowance Rates

The current NJC car allowance rates are as set out in the circular dated 13th November 2009, which takes account of the amendments to the VAT rates.  National Care Allowance rates 2009 (revised Jan 2010)

Please find attached letter that has this morning (20th October 2010) been sent to the National Trade Union Secretaries informing them that the Employers have decided that the 2011 technical report (that recommends NJC mileage rates to apply from 1 April each year) should not be commissioned at this stage and that the current 2010 mileage rates should continue to apply (if necessary beyond 1 April 2011) until such time as the NJC agrees an alternative method of recompense. 2011 Car Rates letter to TUs

Job Evaluation

East Midlands Councils provides a network on job evaluation for officers in local authorities to provide support, expert guidance and sharing of good practice and experience.  For further information, contact the Local Government Services team on 01664 502 620.  The network is free to attend for member organisations.  Support with job evaluation to individual councils and fire services can be provided through East Midlands Councils on a consultancy basis.  Contact the Local Government Services team for more details.

NJC Job Evaluation Scheme: Interim Report - updated scheme guidance notes 

JETWG Interim Report 14 Nov 12