Tuesday 17 October 2017

Regional Employers' Organisation

East Midlands Councils is the Regional Employers' Organisation for the East Midlands.  EMC supports local authorities with the implementation of national HR strategies, policies, conditions of service and national and European legislation.  East Midlands Councils provides a key link between national and European bodies and local authorities to support the local implementation of national conditions of service, legislation and other workforce initiatives.

Statutory Regional Employers' Organisation, activities include;

  • Resolving disputes - formal and informal
  • Supporting joint consultation
  • Representing the region's councils and their interests at national meetings
  • Hosting regional pay consultation meetings
  • Liaising and communicating with councils on pay negotiation developments
  • Providing an advice service to local authorities on terms and conditions and employment law
  • Supporting the LGA to develop guidance to local authorities
  • Responding to consultation on employment issues/legislation

For further information about any of these services or activities please contact Sam Maher, Sam.maher@emcouncils.gov.uk or call 01664 502 620.

The Enterprise Bill 2015

The Enterprise Bill passed through the House of Lords on 30 November 2015 at the report stage. The proposals within the Bill and draft Regulations will place a cap of £95,000 on exit payments within the public sector, including local government. Payments covered by the cap are extensive and include pension strain costs, therefore the Regulations would have a significant impact on the ability of councils to restructure (particularly through voluntary redundancies/early retirement) or to reach settlement agreements.

Public Sector Employments: Restrictions on Exit Payments (Enterprise Bill 2015) - Sam Maher, Director, HR & Councillor Development has circulated a briefing note in the form of a question and answer document that has been prepared by the LGA on the provisions within the Enterprise Bill to cap exit payments in the Public Sector, to access the briefing note visit here. Further detailed guidance is awaited, further information will be circulated once received. For further information contact Sam Maher. Sam.Maher@emcouncils.gov.uk

LGA Advisory Bulletin - October 2015

Circular regarding List of Independent Investigators

Please find attached a circular from the JNC for Chief Executives of Local Authorities which sets out the arrangements for accessing independent investigators to assist with disciplinary matters relating to Chief Executives.

JNC Circ Indpt Investigators 24Apr17