Beginners Training Session on Family Tracing by British Red Cross

East Midlands Councils are hosting a 3 hour virtual Beginners Training Session on Family Tracing by British Red Cross on Wednesday 9th June from 10am-1pm delivered by British Red Cross.



This 3 hour briefing will provide

  • An introduction to International Family Tracing including who the British Red Cross are and what they do as well as criteria for referring people for their service
  • Issues that led to the service and to how they work today with unaccompanied and separated children (including how the legal system is institutionalizing the service - and how this can be combated this together so that it is the choice of the individual if they wish to find their family)
  • Practical advice on how to actively empower the young person to make decisions themselves about finding family, introduce them to proactive ways to independently make their own attempts to find family, using Trace the Face - our flagship tracing tool! 
  • Gain an understanding of what happens in a tracing interview - so that workers can support the young person without being in the actual interview, and therefore a neutral support for them.
  • How the British Red Cross deliver any outcomes and the best way to support the young person through this.


Where and when

10:00 – 13:00pm, Wednesday 9th June 2021.

 Via MS teams.



 The training cost is FREE.



 To book, please register below by Friday 4th June 2021.


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