Approaches to identifying councillor learning and development needs (Workshop 2)

Delivering Councillor Learning and Development Programme

A programme for Democratic Services/Councillor Development Officers 

EMC has developed a 4 part programme of support for Democratic Service/Councillor Development officers in the East Midlands.  The virtual sessions will be highly interactive in nature.

It is widely accepted that Councillor development is an important tool for councils, members and officers to deliver what our communities need and that Councillors who are well equipped and supported, resilient in times of challenge or disruption will be more confident and competent in making a positive difference locally.  

The role of those supporting councillor development activities is critical to the above success and the programme outlined below has been designed with this in mind.  With strong links to the National Member Development Charter, managed locally by us in the East Midlands region, this highly interactive programme will help participants in the following ways: 

  • By understanding why Councillor Learning and Development is important both generally and specifically within your authority 
  • By appreciating how different people like to learn to increase engagement and choice 
  • By increasing knowledge on the types of learning and development Councillors could need linked to their roles and how to identify needs
  • By understanding what to include in a broad strategy/approach for the delivery of councillor learning and development
  • *How do design and deliver a virtual training session (this is available as part of the programme or as a standalone workshop for those delivering learning and development content to councillors.

The second workshop in the programme is;

Virtual Workshop 2 - Approaches to identifying councillor learning and development needs  

  • Building on the identification of useful Councillor learning and development, exploring the approaches for identifying individual councillor learning and development needs.
  • Understanding how different people like to learn, eg VAK, Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences type information and how to incorporate into the councillor learning and development provided.
  • What skills/knowledge/behaviour is required of officers to facilitate the identification of needs (including undertaking 1:1 or group meetings)

Audience – Democratic Service officers and those with responsibility/involvement in Councillor Development Activities  

Virtual workshop delivery

This workshop will be held virtually, numbers are limited to ensure that the session is highly interative.  Attendees can also share and draw upon each other’s experiences. 

EMC will provide accompanying resources including handouts, templates and signposting as appropriate.

Date and times

  • Workshop 2 – 4 November 2020, 10:00 – 12:00 

Deadline for bookings - 23 October 2020


  • The cost to attend just this workshop is £45 plus VAT per person. 
  • This virtual workshop is part of a wider programme of four workshops in total.
  • To attend workshops 1 – 3 the total cost would be £135.00 per person (£45 per person per workshop)


Other Workshops in the programme

Virtual workshop 1 - What do we mean by Councillor Development and why is it important? 

  • Exploring councillor development provision, the strategy and drivers as well as the benefits from the development for the individual councillor, authority and community
  • Understanding what learning and development may be useful to Councillors connected to their roles and wider contexts, e.g., role descriptions, skills frameworks, 21st Century Councillor work.

Virtual Workshop 3 -  Councillor Learning and Development Provision including evaluation 

  • Exploring the different ways in which learning and development can be delivered.
  • Planning and organising the councillor development programme to include learning preferences, access considerations, working commitments etc how this can be communicated
  • Exploring how we know if the learning is effective?


For those involved in the design and delivery of training for Councillors we can also provide a further workshop as follows: 

Virtual Workshop 4 – Delivering a training/briefing session – 2.5 hrs with break 

This workshop would include: 

  • Designing and Structuring the Content of the Session 
  • Making it interesting and interactive – with consideration also to the virtual environment

and, depending upon numbers attending and type of training being delivered, it could also be tailored around a specific training topic. 

Dates and times for the whole programme

  • Workshop 1 – 7 October 2020
  • Workshop 2 – 4 November 2020
  • Workshop 3 – 2 December 2020
  • Workshop 4 – 13 January 2021

10:00 – 12:00 on all three days

Deadline for bookings - Friday 11th September


  • To attend workshops 1 – 3 the total cost would be £135.00 per person (£45 per person per workshop)
  • To attend workshop 4 – the cost would be £60.00 per person.

If an authority wished to book a place at all 4 workshops the package price would be discounted to £175.00 + VAT.   

(All prices subject to VAT)

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