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East Midlands Councils provides a HR Advice Line for its Member Local Authorities, to access this service and for advice on Local Government Conditions of Service and Workforce matters please contact our advice line

Pay and Workforce Information Requests

East Midlands Councils gathers information from local authorities on a range issues, particuarly around the issues of pay and workforce issues enabling authorities to benchmark policies and to work collaboratively on common issues and share best practice.

East Midlands Councils provides this service for its Member Local Authorities, to access this service please email

Recent examples of information and research requests

National Results of Survey on Working from Home Allowances & Approaches     

The Regional Employers Organisations recently conducted a national survey on allowances and approaches to working from home.  We had a 73% response rate in our region and provided the results for the East Midlands in September’s issue of our HR Bulletin. 

We now have the national results which provide “snapshot” survey data from 157 councils.  From this, 98% of councils do not provide a home working allowance for staff who are working from home due to COVID. The data shows the range of what other support is provided in terms of equipment etc.   The results are available here