Sunday 12 July 2020

HR Helpline - Advice, Support and Workforce Information for HR teams

HR Advice and Support

East Midlands Councils provides a HR Advice Line for its Member Local Authorities, to access this service and for advice on Local Government Conditions of Service and Workforce matters please contact our advice line

Pay and Workforce Information Requests

East Midlands Councils gathers information from local authorities on a range issues, particuarly around the issues of pay and workforce issues enabling authorities to benchmark policies and to work collaboratively on common issues and share best practice.

East Midlands Councils provides this service for its Member Local Authorities, to access this service please email

Recent examples of information and research requests have included:

  • Car allowances
  • Redundancy and redeployment policies
  • Absence management data
  • Equality policies
  • Adverse weather
  • Leadership Development activity


Where can I obtain a copy of the Green Book?

A copy of the Green Book is available to local authorities via the

Electronic copies of the agreement can be purchased by non-local authority organisations. Please contact LGconnect on 020 7187 7373 or email if you wish to order a copy.

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