Bespoke resettlement route for Afghan refugees announced

19 August 2021

 “Bespoke resettlement route for Afghan refugees announced. The Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme to welcome Afghans to the UK who have been forced to flee the country.

 The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Home Secretary, Priti Patel, have announced the UK government’s ambition to resettle 5,000 Afghan nationals who are at risk due to the current crisis, in its first year and 20,000 overall.

 The ambition to provide protection to thousands of people fleeing Afghanistan and the complex picture on the ground means there will be significant challenges delivering the scheme, but the government is working at speed to address these obstacles through working with stakeholders, including devolved administrations and local councils, to ensure that Afghans who will be rebuilding their lives in the UK have the support they need.

 This new route is modelled on the successful Syrian vulnerable persons resettlement scheme, which resettled 20,000 Syrian refugees over a seven-year period from 2014 to 2021.

 Further details of the announcement can be found here.