Team Development

East Midlands Councils regularly designs and delivers team development support to local authority members (and private organisations) tailored to their individual requirements.  We have effectively supported both officer and member senior leadership teams to achieve their team development outcomes as well as working with a very wide range of functional teams and whole service areas.

Common Team Building Objectives

Some of the common team building objectives we have worked with before (whether for a new team or revitalising an existing team) include:

  • To help the team get better acquainted with one another, the team leadership and the team culture
  • To discover individual and team styles and preferences
  • To foster an exchange of view points
  • To learn and practice better ways of working together
  • To unify the team around a common purpose, understanding and vision for the future
  • To develop actions plans for effective indiviual and team growth

Core Issues that affect teams

In addition to the individuals and the team understanding themselves and one another better in order to work together effectively, we also provide focused half day workshops on some of the core issues that affect teams; communication, team culture, change, decision making/problem solving, resilience and leadership. A brief outline of suggested content is described below - however, we always develop content and delivery in line with the desired needs and outcomes.

  • To increase your understanding of differences in communication and influencing styles
  • To develop greater awareness of how you use your preferences to communicate and influence
  • To identify where you might need to adjust your communication style for maximum impact and to successfully influence others
  • To equip you with practical tips to help you communicate and influence effectively
  • To explore your own approach to stressful situations
  • To understand your motivators and stress triggers and your typical response to these to help build resilience
  • To develop strategies for handling pressure and building resilience
  • To understand change both to help take charge of your own needs and support colleagues
  • To explore how your preferences affect reactions to change, how to deal with change, the effects of imposed change, change fatigue, cynicism, stress and leadership through change
  • To help leaders implement and talk about change in a way that will appeal to all types of people
Decision Making/Problem Solving
  • To build awareness of your preferred decision making style
  • To learn about how personality preferences influence decision making
  • To develop strategies to make decision-making more effective
Team/Organisational Culture
  • Exploring further how the team works together to maximise effectiveness
  • Identifying team strengths and potential blind spots
  • Developing a balanced adn unified team vision (which could result in a team mission statement)
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

We often (but not exclusively) use MBTI to help teams understand themselves and each other better as it provides a neutral language to explore what is possible.  The MBTI is a personality tool based on the theories of Carl Jung.  It is non judgemental and allows people to gain an understanding of their preferences in how they see and interact with the world. Identifying psychological type preferences gives you access to the rich framework that describes normal differences in how people are energised, gather information, make decisions and approach the external world.


For delivery of a full day workshop the discounted cost for local authority members is £750.00 + VAT and associated expenses, eg travel and any test costs.  For example the MBTI reports range from £30.00 - £59.50+ VAT.  Half day workshops can be delivered at the discounted cost for local authority members of £500.00 + VAT and associated expenses.

Feedback and Contact Details

Our focus is on providing a quality intervention that meets our customers' needs.  The feedback we have received demonstrates that the support we are providing is valuable and the fact that our customers return to us for ongoing support is testament to this.  We can provide references for all the work we have undertaken if this would be of help.

If you would like to understand more about how we can help please contact either Lisa Butterfill, HR & Development Manager, or 01664 502643 or Sam Maher, Director of HR and Councillor Development, or 01664 502642.