Saturday 06 June 2020

Welfare Reform Timetable

April 2011

  • LHA excess removed

October 2012

  • Incapacity benefit and Income support merge to create Employment and Support Allowance

April 2013

  • Introduction of under occupancy legislation
  • Existing claimants of Disability living allowance to be reassessed for Personal Independence Payments
  • LHA restricted to Consumer Price Index
  • Parts of the Social Fund abolished - community care grants and Crisis loans are abolished and replaced by local welfare schemes.
  • Bedroom tax implemented
  • Council Tax Support devolved to local councils and they are to set up their own Council tax Support Schemes. This devolution is accompanied aby a 10% cut in funding.
  • Rises in Benefits capped at 1%

July 2013

  • Personal Independence Payments replace Disability Living Allowance. Those under the age of 16 and those who are aged 65 and over are not affected by the change

September 2013

  • Introduction of benefit cap

October 2013

  • Introduction of universal credit (for new claims). The roll out of universal credit for working age people on other means-test benefit will happen between 2013 and 2017
  • Universal Credit is to be paid directly to tenants rather than the housing element being paid direct to landlords

December 2013

  • All claimants of working age to be transferred on to Universal Credit

March 2014

  • LHA rises capped at 1%