Regional Employers' Organisation

East Midlands Councils is the Regional Employers' Organisation for the East Midlands.  EMC supports local authorities with the implementation of national HR strategies, policies, conditions of service and national and European legislation.  East Midlands Councils provides a key link between national and European bodies and local authorities to support the local implementation of national conditions of service, legislation and other workforce initiatives.  Employers' Organisation activities include:- 

  • Supporting joint consultation and positive employment relations 
  • Resolving disputes - formal and informal 
  • Representing the region's councils and their interests at national and European level 
  • Supporting negotiations at national level, including hosting regional pay consultation meetings 
  • Providing an advice service to local authorities on terms and conditions and employment law 
  • Supporting the LGA to develop guidance to local authorities 
  • Responding to consultation on employment issues/legislation 

The Regional Employers’ Board meets quarterly and agrees workforce priorities.  For 2020/21 these are:- 

  • Coronavirus response  
  • Supporting Change and Transformation 
  • Employee Wellbeing – mental health, supporting attendance,  
  • Attracting & Developing Talent – 
  • Apprenticeships - supporting councils to maximise return on the levy and identify apprenticeships to assist with skills shortage areas 
  • addressing skills shortage areas promoting local government as an employer 
  • modernising recruitment & selection 
  • officer and councillor development 
  • Pay and Rewards - national pay negotiations, pay benchmarking, revisions to NJC JE scheme, refreshing approaches to job evaluation 
  • Supporting diversity and addressing the gender pay gap 
  • Brexit: maintaining a watching brief and reviewing the value of CEEP UK  

To support employment relations, the Regional Employers’ Board forms the employers’ side of the East Midlands Regional Joint Council, with representatives of Unison, GMB and Unite forming the employees’ side.  The Joint Council meets quarterly and current work themes include:- 

  • Promoting and communicating national joint work and agreements and supporting national negotiations on pay and conditions 
  • Employee wellbeing and reducing absence 
  • Local Government Reorganisation  
  • Apprenticeships 

For further information about any of these services or activities please contact Sam Maher,