Wednesday 01 April 2020

Regional Joint Council

The Regional Joint Council brings together the local government employers and employees.  The functions of the Council shall relate to all Employees covered by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services.


The Regional Joint Council may consider any matter raised by either the Employers’ Side or the Employees’ Side, or referred to it by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services, and take executive action within the Regional Joint Council area in connection with:

  • Decisions arrived at by the National Joint Council;
  • Matters delegated to the Regional Joint Council by the National Joint Council;
  • Promoting co-operation between Employers and recognised Trade Unions;
  • Advising local authorities, recognised unions and Employees on industrial relations and personnel issues;
  • Settling differences of interpretation and/or application of the National Agreement that cannot be resolved locally;
  • Undertaking any activity incidental to the above.


The Council will consist of no more than 30 Members of whom 15 shall be appointed to represent the Employers and 15 to represent the Employees.

The Employers’ representatives shall be appointed as determined by East Midlands Councils (for further information on the Employers' representatives please see the Regional Employers Board).

The Employees’ representatives shall be appointed from UNISON, GMB and UNITE.

Chair and Vice-Chair

Each side shall appoint from amongst its Members, a Chair and Vice Chair.   The Chair shall be held in alternate years by a Member of the Employers’ Side or a Member of the Employees’ Side.  The Vice Chair shall be held by the side not in the Chair.

The current Chair of the Regional Joint Council is Chris Tansley, UNISON.  The Vice Chair is currently Cllr Tom Beattie, Corby Borough Council.

Meeting Dates

Meetings are held quarterly and take place immediately after the Regional Employers' Board Meetings.

For information on Regional Joint Council meetings please see the Meeting Dates page for the Regional Employers Board.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Regional Employers' Board are available to download from the link below.

East Midlands Regional Joint Council Constitution

For more information on the Regional Joint Council contact Sam Maher at East Midlands Councils. (

Caretakers Lettings Fees

The up to date Caretakers Lettings Fees dated April 2018 can be found