About Us

East Midlands Councils represents the interests of local councils to Government and national organisations. We enable local councils to work together on key issues of common concern and support local councils with advice and services on employment, training and development, housing, health, transport and planning.

In these challenging times Councils need to work together, East Midlands Councils provides the opportunity for this collaboration to take place. It is the consultative forum for local authorities in the East Midlands, providing a strong voice for the region. It gives support to councils to help them develop their workforce and leadership and improve their services.

We are a small dedicated team of professionally qualified and highly experienced specialists focussing on programmes and services that save Councils money and build skills and capacity.  Our services are driven by Councils’ requests and requirements and we have a proven track record.   EMC also establish and maintain an effective relationship with the national Local Government Association (LGA), influence Government strategies and investment plans, for example proposals for High Speed Rail and we also provide the governance of the East Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership funded by the Home Office.

How we are funded

EMC receives subscriptions from councils in our region for the provision of core employer services. We also generate income from our portfolio of products and services  - for which our subscribing councils receive a discounted member rate. We are a 'not for profit' organisation and we design our own products and services around self-financing models.

Chairs and Vice-Chairs of East Midlands Councils

The Chair is Cllr Martin Hill OBE, Leader, Lincolnshire County Council

The Vice-Chairs are Cllr David Mellen, Leader, Nottingham City Council and Cllr Jonathan Morgan, Leader, Charnwood Borough Council