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ESOL co-ordination

ESOL co-ordination

English for Speakers of Other Languages

East Midlands Councils is developing a regional ESOL programme, with a vision to develop and improve capacity and access to ESOL in the East Midlands.

We recognise that English fluency is a key element of cultural and economic integration for all migrants to the UK. We also recognise that recent developments in migration policy have led to inequalities in ESOL offers between different areas of the East Midlands.

With this in mind, our vision for 2024 and beyond is to:

  • Improve on existing provision, and increase connectivity in the region-wide ESOL space;
  • Identify and address under-served areas and provision gaps, and develop partnership approaches to building bespoke solutions;
  • Work with partners to develop knowledge and best practice, and enable sharing between regions and localities.

We are already committed to expanding our tutor training project for refugees and asylum seekers for the next two years. We are now looking to complement this with other exciting opportunities, informed and co-designed in partnership with the ESOL sector as a whole.

Information relating to our current TESOL programme can be found at:


Please contact Noel Oxford, ESOL Programme Manager for further information.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
EMC is funding a programme of courses to train refugees and asylum seekers as English teachers, tackling the ESOL tutor recruitment crisis and helping improve integration and employability.