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Regional Joint Council

Regional Joint Council


The Regional Joint Council brings together the local government employers and employees.  The functions of the Council shall relate to all Employees covered by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services.
The Regional Joint Council may consider any matter raised by either the Employers’ Side or the Employees’ Side, or referred to it by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services, and take executive action within the Regional Joint Council area in connection with:
  • Decisions arrived at by the National Joint Council;
  • Matters delegated to the Regional Joint Council by the National Joint Council;
  • Promoting co-operation between Employers and recognised Trade Unions;
  • Advising local authorities, recognised unions and Employees on industrial relations and personnel issues;
  • Settling differences of interpretation and/or application of the National Agreement that cannot be resolved locally;
  • Undertaking any activity incidental to the above.


The Council will consist of no more than 30 Members of whom 15 shall be appointed to represent the Employers and 15 to represent the Employees.
The Employers’ representatives are those appointed to the Regional Employers’ Board.
The Employees’ representatives shall be appointed from UNISON, GMB and UNITE.
Chair and Vice-Chairs
Janet McKenna, UNISON
Vice Chairs:
Cllr Kate Foale,
County Council