Wednesday 25 November 2015

Pay and Rewards for Craft Workers

A copy of the national conditions for craft workers, known as the Red Book, can be available from the LGA website.

Developments at National Level on Pay for Craft Employees

Craftworker Pay Award 2014-16

Agreement has now been reached on Craftworker pay for 2014-16 Craft Pay Award 2014-15-16


Craft JNC Apprentices should receive the lump sum for the corresponding role, applying the same percentage terms as apply to the relevant apprentice's weekly pay.

For Apprentice Engineers & Electricians and Apprentice Plumbers, there is a clear corresponding role / lump sum. However, for Building & Civil Engineering Apprentices the employer would need to decide whether the Building Labourer or Building Craft Operative is the appropriate corresponding role / lump sum payment.