Sunday 25 March 2018

Past Events Apr17-Mar18

Avoiding Special Measures - 22nd March 2018

Steve Quartermain

Martin Hutchings

Paul Seddon

Law: Avoiding Costs and Courts - 8th February 2018

Karen Mutton

Ben Standing

Bob Woollard To view Bob's notes as suggested please click on the 43 Capture icon on the relevant slide.

Michelle Sacks - GDPR

Social and Anti-Social Planning - 23rd Nov 2017

The presentation from Loughborough Uni will not be made available

Christopher Rees-Gay - Planning and Licensing

Laura Alvarez - Urban Morphology for Social Sustainability

Richard Hutchinson - Social Planning at Toton

Viability - 12th October 2017

Martin Vickery and Donna Pickersgill

Jo Russell - Turley

Steve Compton - Complex Developments Ltd

Stefan Kruczkowski

Nigel Simkin

Neighbourhood Planning - 6th June 2017

Karen Mutton

Gemma Beasley - NPIERS

Helen Metcalfe Planning with People

Jo Christopher Daventry D C

Nigel McGurk Erimax

Roger Upton

The Politics of Planning - 25th May 2017

Vincent Goodstadt Link to Prospectus for a New Agenda England and the UK

Bettina Lange

Cllr Pru Chandler

Jake Atkinson

Andrew Pritchard