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High Risk Food Not of Animal Origin Export Certification

23 December 2020

High Risk Food Not of Animal Origin Export Certification – For information

From 1 January, the UK will become a third country for the purposes of exporting to the EU, and Great British exports of High Risk Food Not of Animal Origin (HRFNAO) products to the EU will be subject to the EU’s import controls.  (Examples of HRNOAOs include pistachio nuts or sultanas from Turkey). 

As the EU will no longer recognise the UK’s controls as satisfying EU requirements, some types of HRFNAO will need to have laboratory sampling conducted in Great Britain and be re-certificated by the competent authority in Great Britain in order to comply with the EU’s requirements.

Defra will be asking councils to act as the competent authority and certify HRFNAO official certificates for export. Certification activity is chargeable, although it is recognised that this is not a statutory requirement. 

Defra will provide further information on the export of HRFNAO and the certification role of FCCOs on 15 December at their Local Authorities Steering Group.

HRFNAO from GB into NI will also be subject to controls, however a grace period has been granted for retail bound goods, including HRFNAO.

Please contact: with any questions/comments you wish to raise.