East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network

What is the East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network?

The East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network has been designed and is delivered by East Midlands Councils (EMC).  The East Midlands Coaching Network aims to help organisations build internal coaching capacity and enable people to access trained and experienced coaches from other local authorities and partner organisations to support performance, improvement and personal development at very low cost.

The network is;

  • A regional network of organisations that share coaches and mentors on a reciprocal basi
  • A network that is focused on supporting both the coachee and mentors, by offering a wide choice of coaches and mentors, and for coaches/mentors a focus on continuous development through our continuous professional development workshops and annual conference
  • A regional network of coaches and mentors wanting to make a difference through coaching/mentoring to individuals, organisations and the East Midlands
  • The network is supported by EMC, and facilitated by an online matching and management system called Mye-coach.

The Launch of Coaching and Mentoring

The East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network has been operating since 2013 and is growing in both organisations in membership and coaches.  There are currently 11 authorities and over 50 coaches in the East Midlands Coaching network.  Member organisations include;

  • Ashfield District Council
  • Charnwood Borough Council
  • Chesterfield Borough Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Mansfield District Council
  • North West Leicestershire District Council
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Nottingham City Homes
  • Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue
  • Peak District National Park Authority

The East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network was relaunched in September 2019, to include both Coaching and Mentoring, enabling member organisations to share on a reciprocal coaches and mentors.  Member organisations will can now add either coaches or mentors or both to the network and to be able to access both in return. 

Principles that underpin the network

  • Quality, cost effective coaching for all
  • Building coaching capacity and sustainability across the region, by developing coaches and coaching capacity within organisations
  • Access to a diverse coaching pool of qualified coaches within the region
  • Supporting coaches with their development and ensuring quality assurance
  • A community of organisations committed to sharing coaches on a reciprocal basis
  • Access to qualified coaches from network organisations for free (Minimum ILM 5 level qualified)
  • Choice, based on a coachee driven process, coachees can view and select the most appropriate coach to support their needs.
  • Building on the principle of choice the network has a small number of ‘Independent coaches’. 

For more information on the East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network please download our guide here.

Our guide includes;

  • the benefits to the Coach
  • the benefits to the Coachees
  • what the membership of the East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network includes
  • the cost of membership

The East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network is open to all public, private and voluntary sector organisations in the East Midlands.  

Coaching and Mentoring Network Documents - for coaches and their clients 

04 Code of Conduct - Coach and Mentor

03 Coachee and Mentee - Terms and Condition

02 Coach and Mentor -Terms and Condition (May 2019)

05 Model Coaching and Mentoring Contract

For further information about the East Midlands Coaching Network and details of how to join please contact Lisa Butterfill or Kirsty Lowe, Lisa.butterfill@emcouncils.gov.uk or Kirsty.Lowe@emcouncils.gov.uk