Corporate Governance

Our Governance

All the information you need about our Corporate Governance including our Constitution, Business Plan, Annual Report and Accounts.  If any further additional information is required on any aspects of this section please email  

Business Plan

This Business Plan is a formal statement of EMC’s objectives.  As a membership body, the priorities of EMC have been developed and agreed by member authorities and clearly presented for review, not just in order to promote understanding of the roles and responsibilities of EMC, but also as a measure against which our performance as an organisation should be judged.  

EMC Business Plan 2021-22  

EMC Business Plan 2019-20

EMC Business Plan 2018-19

Annual Report

EMC Annual Report 2020-21

EMC Annual Report 2019-20

EMC Annual Report 2018-19

EMC Annual Report 2017-18

Risk Register

The latest Risk Register was approved at the EMC Management Group Meeting on 5 March 2021.

Risk Management Policy

The Risk Management Policy was approved at the EMC Management Group Meeting on 26 May 2016.

East Midlands Councils Accounts

East Midlands Councils accounts can be found as part of Nottingham City Council's statement of accounts here

 AR27 2019/20

AR27 2018-19

AR27 2017/18


The Constitution was formally adopted at the Annual General Meeting in July 2017.

Payments to Councillors

Special Responsibility Allowances are paid to Members of our Executive Board as part of the governance arrangements.  Details can be found below:

SRA Payments 2021-202 

SRA Payments 2020-2021

SRA payments 2019-2020

SRA payments 2018-2019

Disclosure of expenditure over £500

All East Midlands Councils' spends over £500 are shown on the Nottingham City Council website here.

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Accountable Body and Finance

Nottingham City Council is the Accountable Body for East Midlands Councils. 

Purchase Orders

If you need to raise a purchase order to us for work we have carried out for you, please make out to:

Nottingham City Council
c/o East Midlands Councils
Loxley House
Station Street

Please ensure that your purchase order is emailed to  It would also be helpful to give this information to the EMC staff member you are dealing with.

Please also note that our invoices will be addressed from Nottingham City Council.


If you need to send us an invoice, please ensure that you have been given a purchase order number from ourselves which is quoted on the invoice.  Please ensure that your invoice is addressed to:

Nottingham City Council
Accounts Payable
PO Box 1475

Please could you email the invoice to or post a copy to East Midlands Councils, Pera Business Park, South Annexe, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leics, LE13 0PB.

For further information or queries please contact or

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