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Local Government Pay Negotiations 2021

The NJC unions (UNISON, GMB and Unite) have today (15th Feb 2021) lodged pay and T&Cs claims for local government (‘Green Book’) staff for 2021.  A copy of the NJC Pay Claim 2021 can be found here and the NJC Conditions Claim can be found here.  

The National Employers will be meeting later this week for an initial discussion. Councils will be consulted during March at the usual round of [virtual] regional pay consultation briefings. We are hosting the virtual pay consultation briefing for the East Midlands to take place on Monday 15th March at 10.00am.  To register a place, email Mila Pereira at mila.pereira@emcouncils.gov.uk

The National Employers will then consider feedback from those events before responding formally to the unions on a date yet to be agreed, possibly in April or May.

We will keep you informed of any developments as they arise.

Regional Consultation - 15th March 2021

EMC are hosting a pay briefing for the region which will take place on Monday 15th March. 

The meeting will provide you with an opportunity to hear from the national negotiators representing employers on this year’s pay negotiations.  The meeting is aimed at senior officers and Lead Members from councils across the region so that you can be informed on the developments and factors related to this year’s pay negotiations and for you to share the view from your Council to help inform the negotiations.  

The meeting will take place via MS Teams from 10.00 until 11.30 at the latest. If you would like to reserve a place then please email Mila – mila.pereira@emcouncils.gov.uk  

As far as we can within a virtual environment, we wish to provide a confidential setting for the discussion.  We will therefore not be recording the meeting for onward circulation and will be limiting attendance to those directly invited following registration with Mila.  If you register to attend, please do not forward the meeting link to any colleagues as they will not be admitted unless they contact Mila to register in advance of the meeting. 

Review of Term-Time Working

Please find attached a circular that provides an update on the NJC’s review of Term-Time Only working (25.2.20)

National Agreement 'Green Book': Updated Edition March 2019

The ‘National Joint Council for local government services National Agreement on Pay and Conditions of Service’, commonly known as the ‘Green Book’ has now been updated from the existing 2018 version.

 The updated ‘Green Book’ now includes the recently agreed Part 4.12 guidance on Term-Time Only Employees. 

For ease of reference, updates can be seen in the ‘tracked version’ at pages 1, 3, 35, 92, 159 and 179-190.

The ‘Green Book’ is available online only. All employees with an email address ending “.gov.uk” can freely access it via the link below [NB: log in required]):


As with the previous updates, we have issued two versions; one showing all track changes, the other not. By making the ‘Green Book’ available online we can ensure that all future updates can be made quickly so that you will have the confidence of knowing that you have the most up to date version. We recommend that you also make the Agreement available to your employees by uploading it to your organisation’s intranet.

Green Book 13Mar19 tracked version

Green Book 13Mar19 untracked version

Job Evaluation

Updated NJC JE Guidance Notes - 3rd August 2020

The NJC’s Job Evaluation Technical Working Group (JETWG) has now completed its work on updating the scheme guidance notes (as advised in NJC circular dated 1 March 2019).  The Cover Letter Circular can be found here along with one copy showing all track changes here and one without track changes here. No changes have been made to the scheme’s factor level structure and associated weighting/scoring. 

The revised guidance will be incorporated into the next update of the Green Book which will be issued later this year. 

Finally, a reminder that the entire suite of NJC JE Scheme documentation, including model role profiles and technical notes, can be found at here.

NJC Job Evaluation Scheme: New Model Role Profiles June 2017

Please see below the latest batch of model role profiles for Commissioning, Family Support, Home Care, Public Health, Residential Care, Principal Social Worker and Support Time Recovery jobs.

Public Health and Social Health Care Profiles 21Jun17

The covering circular can be found here and new Tech Note 16 with advice on “Using Role Profiles to Implement Job Evaluation” can be found here .

The NJC JE Technical Working Group has produced (20.1.16)  the attached technical Note which the LGA have asked us to circulate to Councils. Tech Note 15 Market Supplements Jan16 (003)

National Car Allowance Rates

The final car mileage rates issued by the NJC can be found here.

The Employers now encourage local organisations to adopt the rates set by HMRC which can be found on the .gov.uk website here

2010 report of the technical advisers