Past Events 2016-17

Planning for Housing Delivery - 21st March 2017

Housing White Paper - Lee Gordon  

HCA - Lindsey Richards

Local Development Orders - Mary Crew

Managing housing growth across an HMA - Paul Clarke

Self Build - Julian Owen

Design in Practice - 23rd Feb 2017

Stefan Kruczkowski Stefan would also like to share Building for Life 12 and What on earth is a perimeter block

Garry Hall (waiting for confirmation that it can go on website)

Rupert Bentley Walls

New Garden Villages in the East Midlands - have been requested not to put these slides on the website 


Planning for Economic Growth - 1st Dec 2016

All slides - 1 Dec 2016

Gilian MacInnes has done a blog on the ‘virtuous circle of loveliness’ that she talked about at the event that  refers to some other interesting studies.

Development Management - 6th Oct 2016

All slides - 6th Oct 2016

Neighbourhood Planning Bill Flyer - Iain Gilbey

NLP Economic Outlook - Brexit Uncertainty and Opportunity

Planning Enforcement - 9th June 2016

All Slides - 9th June

Conservation Old Chestnuts or New Chances - Suzanne Dempsey

Can't See the Wood for the Trees - 28th April 2016

Useful Links

Climate Change Adaptation Inspiration Book Link:  MV16 is page 36. 

Useful link from Woodland Trust:

Helen Kirk mentioned the recently published London i-Tree Eco survey by Treeconomics during her talk last week and thought it may be useful to provide a link to it for members. The i-Tree research helps to quantify the true benefits and value of trees to society. The full report of the research findings is available at this link:


01 Kate Ahern - LUC  

02 David Singleton

03 Victoria Bankes-Price

04 The Sheffield Moors Partnership

05 Helen Kirk

06 Steffan Saunders