Transport for the East Midlands (TfEM)

Chair: Sir Peter Soulsby

Vice Chair: Cllr Richard Davies

Secretariat: East Midlands Councils

Transport for the East Midlands (TfEM) brings together 9 Local Transport Authorities (LTAs) across the East Midlands under the auspices of East Midlands Councils (EMC). TfEM provides collective leadership on strategic transport issues in the East Midlands, agrees major investment priorities and provides collective input into the work of Midlands Connect, the Department for Transport and its delivery bodies.

TfEM has been working in partnership with the Department for Transport to influence the next East Midlands Rail Franchise.

TfEM and Midlands Connect have agreed a joint statement of investment priorities for the East Midlands:

  • Making the most of HS2
  • A Midland Mainline fit for the 21st Century
  • Improving access to East Midlands Airport
  • A46 Growth Corridor & Newark
  • A5 Growth Corridor
  • Transforming East-West Connectivity

Meeting Dates and Papers

Transport for the East Midlands meets quarterly.  Meeting papers can be found below.  Please visit the Meeting Dates page for information of future meetings.

TfEM Papers 14 September 2021

TfEM Papers 14 June 2021

TfEM Papers 15 March 2021 

TfEM Papers 9 September 2020

TfEM Papers 15 June 2020

TfEM Papers 16 March 2020

TfEM Papers 9 September 2019  

TfEM Papers 5 June 2019  

TfEM Papers 18 March 2019