Action Learning Facilitation

Action Learning Facilitation 

East Midlands Councils have been supporting local authorities in the East Midlands to develop their own internal Action Learning Facilitators.

If you would like information on Action Learning or details of how to join an East Midlands Councils facilitated Action Learning set feel free to contact Lisa Butterfill or Kirsty Lowe on 01664 502 620.

EMCs Action Learning Facilitators Programme

The highly practical 5 day programme has provided delegates with an understanding of the principles of Action Learning, as well as facilitation practice.

Delegates have been able to;

  • understand the principles and theory of action learning
  • reflect on the benefits and implications of an action learning intervention
  • experience the difference between training, facilitation and action learning set facilitation
  • understand and experience the role and impact of questioning insight in understanding problems presented
  • experience facilitating an action learning set which includes assisting the set in using a range of problem solving, decision making techniques to address presented issues

If you would like information on Action Learning Facilitator programmes feel free to contact Lisa Butterfill or Kirsty Lowe on 01664 502 620.

What is action learning?

Action Learning is a reflective and questioning technique developed to aid in the understanding of challenges and issues experienced in a work environment. Action learning uses questioning insight to explore problems and identify options to deal with issues and actions to be taken.

Action learning involves a group of colleagues working on real issues in their workplace, with the intention of making things happen. It allows individuals to relate issues they have in a supportive environment and explore their issue in depth. Individuals make a commitment to tackle their own issue and to support other members in understanding their issues and challenges. 

What does an action learning set look like?

Action learning sets usually will have 6-8 people. The East Midlands Councils facilitated sets will meet every 6 weeks over the course of a year for half a day each time. Over the year the sets will be facilitated by East Midlands Councils a total of 6 times, allowing the group to determine when this takes place.

During set meetings individuals explain their issues, providing details to the other set members, which allows the group to explore what actions should be taken. The first meeting of the action learning set will provide a taster session on action learning and how it works, and will develop the ground rules for the group going forward.

What sort of issues do participants bring to the set?

Each set member brings their own work based issue or challenge to work on. It is important that the issue is real and actually matters to the individual. It must be part of their work and the individual must want to tackle it.

What are the benefits of action learning?

• Provides an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their current challenge
• Techniques to aid in the understanding of issues
• Provides a supportive environment
• Development of skills 

For more information on how Action Learning can support you or your authority please contact Kirsty Lowe or Lisa Butterfill .