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National Pay Agreements 2020-21

Agreement has been reached for the national pay awards for 2020-21 for Chief Executives, Chief Officers and Local Government Services Employees (those on Green Book conditions).  Please see attached below the respective pay agreements.

Local Government Services Pay 2020-21

Chief Officer Pay 2020-21 – 24 August 2020

Chief Executive Pay 2020-21 – 24 August 2020

The pay award for each group is an increase of 2.75% with effect from 1st April 2020.

For Chief Officers, it has also been agreed to conduct a joint survey on the gender pay gap and to discuss improving work-life balance.  For Green Book employees, the minimum annual leave entitlement for new entrants to local government has been increased by a day to 22 days, and joint discussions will be held on workplace causes of stress and mental health.

Unions representing Craftworkers have not accepted the employers’ offer and have asked to continue negotiations.