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HR Metrics & Pay Benchmarking

HR Metrics & Pay Benchmarking

As councils continue to face recruitment and retention difficulties in a challenging financial environment, being able to make evidence-based decisions on resources is critical.  

Benchmarking pay and other key workforce information is an in-demand service provided by EMC, and we are now able to improve this service through the offer of using an online database providing access to powerful reports and data so that you can benchmark against similar councils in different regions across the UK.

What is Infinistats?

Infinistats is a user-friendly online tool used by over 100 local authorities, where councils enter their own data and can access a range of outputs including scorecards and detailed benchmarking reports that are tailor-made for each council with their own logo and colours. Councils can also add commentary and action plans to their own reports for local use. 


There is an initial £500 set up cost, then the cost per year for the system for EMC member organisations is:  

£850 for District & Borough Councils

£1,400 for Unitary Councils

£1,850 for County Councils 

Benefits to your authority:

  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of local government 
  • Readily available data for evidence-based decision-making 
  • Reports and benchmarking against comparable organisations – including councils in the West Midlands, East of England, London 
  • One-click report and scorecard creation, with reports tailored to your council’s branding and logo 
  • Use the system to produce meaningful reports about your own organisation and workforce  
  • Established and robust system used by all councils across London for many years and in recent years, rolled out to other regions 


The more you put in the more benefits you will gain. 

For more information, or to find out more, contact Mark Pinchen: 

What do others say?

“It’s so easy to be able to simply download a benchmarking report, often with analysis such as the “Human Capital Metrics”, to benchmark and compare            ourselves for reports.”

What will it involve for me?

Throughout each year you will be invited to take part in several surveys, where you will upload your data into Infinistats.  The feedback from councils that use the system is that the benefits of having access to this data far outweigh the investment in time to collate and upload the data.   

Most councils already respond to EMC’s surveys and information requests throughout the year, and so this will be a more structured and planned approach, so should make it easier to contribute data and then access the results and generate reports yourself.     

You will be able to maximise the benefits from the system through a regional network of users and those interested in workforce intelligence. 

Although participation in the surveys is not compulsory, if you do not take part in a particular survey, you are unable to report on it; only participatory councils can see others’ data, which gives a greater degree of confidence in the quality of the data sets. The more you put in, the more you get out!