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UK Support for Ukrainian Refugees

Local Authorities are continuing to work through offers of sponsorship under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, conducting property, safeguarding, and DBS checks on prospective hosts, and feeding issues through to the regional level for redress with DLUHC. Guidance and systems are undergoing continual refinement, and partners are thanked for their hard work and patience while this new scheme develops.

Some model document translations have been shared by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting to assist colleagues in understanding ID documents which are provided in Ukrainian or Russian. These can be accessed here: Ukrainian crisis (

The Government has announced its intention to partner with Reset Communities and Refugees, Refugees at Home, and Citizens UK to develop matching services for Sponsors and Guests under Homes for Ukraine, and an accreditation scheme for other VCS groups who wish to participate in matching is being developed – further processes are being considered to ‘rematch’ Guests with Sponsors in the event of a breakdown in the arrangement. There is currently no mechanism to transfer other visa holders into Homes for Ukraine where arrangements outside of the scheme have failed.

On the national pace of visa issue:

Total Ukraine Scheme visa applications received: 79,800

Data is as of 7 April 2022 and comprised of:

  • Ukraine Family Scheme: 36,300
  • Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme: 43,600

Total Ukraine Scheme visas issued to people: 40,900

Data is as of 7 April 2022 and comprised of:

  • Ukraine Family Scheme visas: 28,500
  • Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme visas: 12,500

Of those issued under the Sponsorship Scheme, visas issued where the sponsor was from:

  • Scotland: 570 (of which Scotland is super sponsor for 40)
  • Wales: 310
  • Northern Ireland: 90”