Thursday 23 October 2014

Pay and Rewards for Chief Executives

 Chief Executive pay: employer offer

The National Employers have made the attached full and final pay offers to the Officers' sides of the Chief Executive and Chief Officer JNCs.  Emp Offer Chf Execs 15Jul14

In terms of further clarification, the offer of 1.0% is only for those employees whose guaranteed basic salary was £99,999 or less at 31st March 2014.  It does not mean that someone on a salary of £100K + receives a 1.0% uplift on the first £99,999 of their salary.  If they earn £100k + they will not get a pay increase.

Pay Claim 2014

Please find attached  Chief Exec Pay Claim 2014 - 19th March 2014.

Receipt of this letter has been acknowledged and a response will be made in due course.

Local Government Pay Offer 2013

The National Employers have written to the officers' side of the JNCs for Chief Executives and Chief Officers to confirm that there will be no pay offer made this year.  A copy of both letters are attached for your information.

Messenger to Chf Execs 26Apr13

Messenger to Chf Officers 26Apr13

National Salary Framework and Conditions of Service Handbook

The Joint National Committee issued thelatestedition of the National Salary Framework and Conditions of Service Handbook for local authority Chief Executives on 1st October 2009.  The substantive additions to the handbook were:-

  • Model Disciplinary Procedures (England & Wales) (NB: also applies to S151 and Monitoring Officers)
  • JNC Guidance for Designated Independent Persons (DIPs).
  • Model Grievance Procedure.

To download a copy of the handbook Chief Executive Handbook September 2009

Developments at National Level on Pay for Chief Executives for 2012

The national Employers are not offering a pay award to Chief Executives for 2012.  Please see the letter of 30th March 2012 confirming this decision. ..\National\National Terms and Conditions\Pay Negotiations 2012\Messenger to Chf Execs 30Mar12.pdf

Implications of Section 38 (1) of the Localism Act 2011

Section 38 (1) of the Localism Act 2011 requires English and Welsh local authorities to produce a pay policy statement on the remuneration for Chief Executives and other senior officers for 2012/13 and for each financial year thereafter.  East Midlands Councils has been providing support to local authorities in the region on the implementation of these requirements. 

The LGA and ALACE, on behalf of the Joint National Council for Chief Executives, have produced guidance and supplementary guidance on the implications of Section 38 (1) of the Localism Act 2011:

Chief Executives Pay Policy Guidance (25th November 2011)

768Pay Policy Supplementary #2 01Mar12.pdf

Pay Policy Supplementary #1 12Jan12.pdf

Senior Level Appraisal

As a core service to its member authorities, East Midlands Councils facilitates performance appraisals for Chief Executives in line with the guidance of the JNC for Chief Executives.  For further information, please contact Sam Maher, Director of HR & Councillor Development on 01664 502 620.