Friday 30 January 2015

Other Negotiating Groups


The most recent national circular relating to Coroners’ terms and conditions is from 30th July 2012 to confirm that a pay award would not be offered for 2012/13.  To access a copy of this circular, please use the following link: Coroners' Joint circular 55.pdf


The Soulbury trade unions have submitted a pay claim for 2013/14 which is for:-

  • On pay, a significant increase on all Soulbury pay scale points and all pay-related and London allowances from 1st September 2013;
  • On conditions of service, the restoration of the Essential Car User Allowance where travel and work patterns justify it; and
  • A new Soulbury workforce survey which will seek a clearer picture of the changes affecting the workforce in terms of job losses, outsourcing and changes to pay and conditions at local level.

Soulbury Pay Negotiations 2013 

The Soulbury Committee met last week to consider the 2013 Officers Side’s pay and conditions claim.

The National Employers decided to make an offer to the Officers Side of 1.0% on all pay points and allowances for this year. This decision was reached on the basis that there had been a 1.0% award for both the NJC workforce, school workforce (a high proportion of Soulbury Officers are former school leaders) and also following a consultation of authorities (via regions) which showed a clear majority for a pay offer for this year in line with the NJC.

The Officers Side will now consult on this offer and have stated that they will respond to the National Employers next month.

Youth & Community Workers

Agreement has been reached for Youth & Community Workers for 2013 for a pay increase of 1% on all salary points and allowances with effect from 1st September 2013.  The circular relating to this agreement (Circular JESC 194) can be accessed here Circ 194 Pay Settlement 2013

Clarification about the agreement was issued on 26th February 2014 and a copy of this Circular (Circular JESC 195) can be accessed through the following link - No195 - JNC Youth and Community Workers Pay Agreement 2013 - Clarification
workforce - education and young people - youth and community - Appendix - Pay Scales - jan 2014

Workshops for the Blind

Agreement has been reached with the NJC for Employees in Workshops for the Blind got a 1% pay increase from 1st April 2013. A copy of the circular with the revised rates can be accessed via the following link: Blind Workshops Payscales 2013-14