Thursday 26 March 2015

Other Negotiating Groups


The most recent national circular relating to Coroners’ terms and conditions is from 30th July 2012 to confirm that a pay award would not be offered for 2012/13.  To access a copy of this circular, please use the following link: Coroners' Joint circular 55.pdf


Soulbury pay agreement Agreement has now been reached on pay for 2014-16. The circular below sets out the details of the pay award. -

No197 - Soulbury Pay for 2014-16

 Appendix A - Pay Scales and Allowances

Youth & Community Workers

The JNC Youth and Community Staff Side has informed us that the outcome of their consultative ballot on the pay offer (2.2% on all pay points over 18 months) will be known on 30 March.


Workshops for the Blind

Agreement has been reached with the NJC for Employees in Workshops for the Blind got a 1% pay increase from 1st April 2013. A copy of the circular with the revised rates can be accessed via the following link: Blind Workshops Payscales 2013-14