Pay and Rewards for Chief Executives

Chief Executive Pay

Pay Award 2020

Agreement has been reached for a national pay award for Chief Executives with effect from 1st April 2020.  The agreement was for a 2.75% increase on salary. 

A copy of the agreement can be found Chief Executive Pay 2020-21 (24 Aug 2020)

Pay Survey Information

National Pay Survey Results – Chief Executives and Chief Officers

In late 2019, the LGA published a report with the results of the national survey conducted on pay and workforce characteristics of chief executives and chief officers.  A copy of the report can be accessed here  

National Terms and Conditions

Chief Executive's Handbook

The current version of the Handbook for Chief Executives of Local Authorities is available here:-

JNC Circular for Chief Executives - Structures required to manage model disciplinary procedure - 7th May 2019

A JNC circular was sent to Chief Executives to remind colleagues of the requirements set out in the Model Disciplinary Procedure and Guidance in the JNC Conditions of Service Handbook.

Click here for the JNC circular.

Chief Executive Appraisal – Independent Facilitation Service

East Midlands Councils supports the appraisal process for Chief Executives.  We can help with the development of a process and/or independently facilitate the appraisal process.  Our approach is in line with best practice and reflects the national guidance set out in the Chief Executive’s Handbook.  We tailor the service and advice a process for each organisation, and many councils use and value our support.  For further information, please contact Sam Maher, Director of HR & Councillor Development at