Regional Programme of Briefing events for Councillors

 The Regional Programme of Briefing events for Councillors is a series of 6 low cost knowledge based events for councillors in the region.  The programme will provide events on a variety of topical issues such as the impact of the localism act, planning, the role of local government in public health and well being and the impact of police and crime panels, details of each of the sessions are provided below. 

Post event information

2016/17 Programme

EMC Summit on Aslyum and Refugee Resettlement - 17 January 2017

EMC Summit on Asylum and Refugee Resettlement - 17 January 2017 Final Presentations

Planning for Economic Growth - 1 Dec 2016

All slides - 1 Dec 2016

Gilian MacInnes has done a blog on the ‘virtuous circle of loveliness’ that she talked about at the event that  refers to some other interesting studies.

EMC Policy Conference - 23 September 2016

EMC Policy Conference Presentation Slides - All slides

East Midlands Housing Summit - 15 June 2016EMC Housing Review June 2016 - Front cover smaller


2015/16 Programme

Community Leadership in the East Midlands - 2 February 2016

Slides from the event are available from below

Community Leadership in East Midlands Presentation - 2 Feb 2016

Handouts - 2 February 2016

East Midlands Infrastructure Summit - 8 December 2015

Slides from the event are available from here  

The programme can be accessed from here East Midlands Infrastructure Summit - 8 December Programme

Delivering Services in the Age of Devolution - 6 November 2015

Slides from the event are available from herePresentation Slides from Delivering Services in the Age of Devolution

Workshop Slides

Conference Sponsors


arvato and its public sector partner Chesterfield Borough Council presented a workshop at the 6th November event on delivering service transformation through public-private partnerships. The workshop addressed how to approach selecting a private sector partner, how to get the best out of the partnership, and how to work together in a changing environment.

Many Councils are now working in partnership with the private sector to find innovative ways of delivering services. To learn how arvato can help you deliver service transformation, download the ‘arvato approach to outsourcing’ brochure or hear directly from our clients at:


Agilisys were proud to be part of the ‘Delivering Services in the Age of Devolution’ event last Friday. We hope that our workshop provided insightful examples on how local authorities can adapt service delivery to operate in new and exciting ways in an increasingly challenging environment.

With the devolution of decision making to local authorities and the drive to collaborate and share in the delivery of front line services, there is a major opportunity to develop real digital leadership. At Agilisys we’re helping local authorities to define and implement their digital infrastructure in a way that knits together communities, agencies and authorities while transforming the citizen’s online experience. We call this Place as a Platform. Find out more about how Place as a Platform can transform your approach to infrastructure and establish you as a digital leader.  Visit us:


Key Policy Issues for Local Government - 23 September 2015

Slides are available from here

Key Policy Issues - 23 September - all slides

The Shape of Local Government and Public Service Post-Election - 22 June 2015

Slides are available from:

All slides - 22 June 2015

2014/15 Programme

Employment Matters: Strengthening our Local Economy, Tuesday 24 February 2015

All slides are available from below

Employment and skills event - 24 February

Community Safety - Working and Learning together to create safer communities

All slides are available from below

 Community Safety event slides - 22 January 2015

Where are we now?  What do the changes in Welfare Reform, Housing and Planning mean for local government?

All slides are available from below

Where are we now event- all presentations

Wet, Wet, Wet - Building Local Resilience in a Changing Flood Risk Context - 24 September 2014

All slides are available from this link Wet Wet Wet - 24 September - All slides

Workshop slides

Building Community Resilience to Flooding - Josie Bateman

Boston workshop Tidal Surge - David Powell

The Impact of Migration in the East Midlands - Understanding the Social Impact of Population Change - 17th June 2014

All slides are available from this link Migration event - All Slides

Additional information regarding the workshop presented by Henry St Clair Miller 

Workshop 2 - NRPF Connect

Workshop 2 - Case Study


Previous events included;

To access any of the presentations from these events contact Kirsty Lowe,

  • Maximising Opportunities for Influence & Funding at European Level - 13th March 2014

  • Delivering Development in your Locality - The Councillors' Role in Planning Today - 29 Jan 2014

  • Update and Impact of Welfare Reform - 20th November 2013

  • Health and Healthy Communities - 26th September 2013

  • Delivering Services Differently - 10th July 2013

  • Affordable Housing Seminar - 19th June 2013

  • Police Reform and Community Safety, 29 January 2013

  • Implications of Welfare Reform, 21 November 2012

  • Localism: Community Rights and Challenges

  • The Role of Local Authorities in Public Health, 10 July 2012 

  • Working effectively under the New Planning Reforms, 19 June 2012