Learning and Development Support

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EMC offers a broad range of learning and development support to local authorities in the East Midlands, specialising in coaching, action learning and the facilitation of practitioner networks.  We have extensive experience and expertise in event delivery, from large scale conferences to bespoke in-house workshops.

EMCs Learning and Development Support Offer

Coaching and Mentoring 

East Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Network

For over 7 years EMC has successfully coordinated a regional network of organisations that share coaches and mentors with each other on a reciprocal basis.  

Support for the development of coaches

Programmes of development to support coaches, these may be accredited programmes, workshops to support managers coaching skills... 

EMC Qualified Coaches

EMC has a range of in-house coaches that can provide support. For more information contact Kirsty.lowe@emcouncils.gov.uk


In-House Training and Development

EMC has a portfolio of support for organisations. For details of the sessions we can provide inhouse using our expert trainers and facilitators visit our In-House Training and Development pages. 

Our portfolio includes; Action Learning, Agile Working, Team Development, Outplacement support and career Counselling


Practitioner Networks

EMC hosts a number of practitioner networks, designed to to support organisations to sharing knowledge, information and ideas across the region through interative sessions, held both virtually and face to face.

Our pracitioner networks include; Cyber Security Network, Scrutiny Network, Performance Management Network, Councillor Development Network


Training and Events

Scheduled event - EMC provides a varity of events and our full list of events can be found here.

Some of our events that are held regionally can also be held within inidividual authorities and we would happy to support councils to bring these sessions in house.

When sessions are held within a authority (delivered in-house) East Midlands Councils will work with the council to understand what is important to be achieve from the training and in objectives of those taking part.  Based on this detailed understanding of your needs we will support your authority to identify the most appropriate trainer/facilitator.

For more information about our training and events offer contact kirsty.lowe@emcouncils.gov.uk

Specific training need

EMC provides support to authorities where they have a specific training and development needs.  Using its extensive knowledge of expert trainers EMC can support an authority to identify the most appropriate trainer for their needs.

If you have a specific training need that you would like to discuss please contact kirsty.lowe@emcouncils.gov.uk


Continuing Professional Development Programmes

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes East Midlands Councils offers an extremely popular lowcost Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes for both planners and environmental health officers.

Our CPD programmes support; Environmental Health Officers, Planners and Housing officers