Mitigation Board

Chair: Cllr Simon Spencer

Vice Chair: Cllr Philip Owen

Secretariat: Derbyshire County Council

Terms of Reference

  • To consider reports and advice from the Mitigation Officer Group on the potential to mitigate the adverse impact of HS2 in the East Midlands, including (but not limited to) the impact of the scheme on:

    a) homes and communities, including the social and health impacts of HS2
    b) existing businesses and other activities, including relocation
    c) development proposals
    d) landscape, including strategic infrastructure, green infrastructure and sites of historic, cultural or leisure interest
    e) severance on transport and recreational routes (highways, public rights of way, canals)
    f) design principles to mitigate noise, visual impact and loss of amenity

  • To promote the case for appropriate mitigation measures at both a general and local level and to prioritise these for submission to HS2 Ltd
  • To receive and consider advice from specialist technical advisors and input from stakeholders directly affected by HS2
  • To provide strategic direction to the Mitigation Officer Group, to agree its work programme, and to seek secure appropriate resources to support work on mitigation
  • To report to and offer advice to the HS2 East Midlands Strategic Board