Craft Workers

A copy of the national conditions for craft workers, known as the Red Book, can be available from the LGA website.

Craftworkers' Pay Claim 2021

Craftworkers' Pay - Final Offer (27th July 2021) - The National Employers have today made a final offer in respect of council Craftworkers. A copy of the offer can be found here.

Unions Lodge Pay Claim

The JNC Craftworker unions have lodged the attached pay claim for 2020/21 which seeks:

  • A 10% increase across all pay rates and allowances
  • An increase in Grade and recognition for craft operatives that regularly use additional skills to support employer business needs
  • A substantial increase in stand-by payments
  • Reduction in the working week to 35hr with no loss of pay
  • Extra day of annual leave entitlement
  • Recognition of the increased use of technology supported by an additional payment
  • Modernisation of tool allowance to accurately reflect the cost of tools provided by the worker – or all tools must be provided by the employer
  • Increase in tool insurance to reflect the actual cost of replacing tools
  • Maintenance of the Red Book Agreement
  • Commitment to insourcing of work and implementation of the Construction Charter

The National Employers will consider this claim and respond formally to the unions in due course.

Joint Negotiating Committee for Local Authority Craft and Associated Employees Pay Claim

Craftworkers' Pay Agreement 2020-21 

Update - 12th October 2020

Agreement has now been reached between the National Employers and the JNC Trade Union Side on rates of pay applicable from 1 April 2020.  A copy of the circular can be found here

Craftworkers' Pay Claim 2020

The JNC Craftworker unions have lodged the attached pay claim for 2020/21. The claim is for:-

A 10% pay rise for all Craft JNC employees (regardless of job title and designation) whose rate of pay is higher than the minimum salaries set out in the Craft JNC 2018-20 pay agreement circular (dated 10 April 2018), but is still contractually linked to the annual settlement reached by the Craft JNC.

The uprating of the minimum rates for Craft workers employed directly on JNC grades, benchmarked against average Craft pay rates within local authorities, and industry level collective agreements.

  • A one-day increase to all paid annual leave entitlement set out in the Red Book 
  • A two-hour reduction in the standard working week as set out in the Red Book 
  • A comprehensive joint national review of the workplace causes of stress and mental health throughout local authorities 
  • A significant increase in tool allowance and insurance payments 
  • Commitment to the continuation of the Red Book agreement

The National Employers are meeting on 5 November and will use that opportunity to consider this claim and decide next steps etc.

We will keep you informed of any further developments in the national pay negotiations.